Zippo_productsBy Alicia Dziak

Zippo Manufacturing Company has been a staple in Bradford, Pa., for years. Since World War II, the company has been known for its pocket lighters, and tales of survival stories centered around these lighters continue to emerge.

In recent years, Zippo took the natural leap to outdoor products.

“Outdoor is the common thread in Zippo products, dating back to its inception, so it made sense for us to offer these types of products,” said Chris Funk, Zippo Outdoor brand manager.

The continuously expanding Zippo Outdoor line recently introduced four new products.

“As outdoor enthusiasts, we’re particularly excited about this launch. Zippo is located in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains where enjoying the outdoors is a way of life. As consumers, we know firsthand how some manufacturers are simply not meeting expectations with the products that are currently on the market,” said Funk. “With this in mind, we felt compelled to leverage our rugged and dependable heritage to build a better class of outdoor products. Our Zippo Outdoor line is held to a higher standard so that we can give consumers the ability to enjoy the outdoors rather than worry about whether or not their equipment can handle it.”

The 4 in 1 Woodsman is a versatile new product, boasting a bow saw that cuts oak up to 4 inches in diameter, a mallet, a stake puller and a hatchet with a 5-inch blade, all in one tool.

“There’s nothing like this on the market, so this is truly an innovative product,” Funk emphasized.

The new Utensil Tree addresses issues campers encounter while cooking over an open fire. This unit keeps utensils, spices and condiments handy and clean, keeping everything you need at your fingertips, but out of your way and up off the ground. The Utensil Tree, which breaks down easily for transport, has an 8-inch top tray and hangs kitchen towels and full-sized grill utensils.

The new Rugged Lantern can withstand a 5-foot drop, be left in the rain, and really lives up to its name.

“Other lanterns can only be dropped from three feet, but ours is tested for five,” Fink said. “It also has a detachable handle, unlike other lanterns out there, to allow it to be hung from something like a tree branch.”

The Rugged Lantern is also equipped with an emergency S-O-S setting.

The Campfire Carrier provides a 22-inch-by-36-inch tough, ballistic nylon sling that holds an armload of wood, keeping clothes free of dirt and arms free of scratches. The handle makes it easier to carry a whole armload with just one hand. Tough, exterior mesh pockets store gloves, lighters, fire starters and more.

“We’ve really over-engineered these products,” said Funk. “We’ve created a line of products that we’ve based on extensive consumer research, blending this insight into products with very specific features. We don’t logo slap our products, and we stay true to the Zippo brand by providing an elevated consumer experience.”

Zippo Outdoor products are all based around fire, cooking and comfort.

“The Zippo Outdoor line is designed for people who do anything outdoors,” Funk explained. “These new products fit into the outdoor line seamlessly. They’re rugged, reliable and durable … everything you’d expect from Zippo.”

Products are available at, as well as at Zippo’s retail store in Bradford, inside the Zippo Case Museum. Certain products are also available at Bass Pro, Cabela’s, REI, and in the Improvements catalog.