The Holiday Valley Snowsports School is pleased to announce the selection of the Young Enthusiastic Teaching Intern (YETI) class for 14 and 15-year-old ski and snowboard instructor interns. After a highly competitive interview process, a group of 19 skiers and four snowboarders were asked to join the Mountain Adventures Children’s Programs teaching staff for the 2017-18 winter season.

In the strongest interviewing group in the program’s history, nearly 40 candidates from as far away as Cleveland, OH vied for the opportunity to join the school’s ranks as an instructor-in-training. “Interest in becoming a member of the YETI program has grown steadily in each of the past 10 years,” commented Mountain Adventures Programs Manager, Rich Rumfola.  “This year’s group of applicants provided us with an abundance of high-quality young adults who we look forward to having as employees for at least the next four or five years while they’re in high school,” he continued.

Conversations with YETI candidates included a series of questions, which covered 10 key characteristics every successful children’s instructor should possess. Some of those requisites include having a positive, friendly attitude, excellent listening and communications skills, a strong interest in working with children and an awareness of on-snow safety. While members of the YETI program, the teaching interns prepare for a potential position as a ski or snowboard instructor by developing the required safety, class handling, teaching, technical, customer service, interpersonal, and skiing/snowboarding  skills.

After a very challenging selection process, this season’s YETIs received notification of their success and then a “call to arms,” to begin their new-hire training Nov. 4-5 at the Creekside Lodge at Holiday Valley. According to Snowsports Co-Director Allie Doro, “The incoming YETIs already present passion and enthusiasm for Holiday Valley, which will provide amazing energy to our staff and guests this winter.”

During their initial orientation, new YETIs were taken on walking and bus tours of the Holiday Valley Resort. They enthusiastically embraced various teambuilding and ice-breaking activities and then bravely endured their first exposure to the world of I-9s, W-4s and all the paperwork that must be completed in order to become an employee.

And that was just their first day!

Day two of YETI Orientation began with Holiday Valley’s newest employees being fitted for their own world-famous red uniform and then settled in for “classroom” topics such as Your Responsibility Code, chairlift safety and an in-depth look at the policies and procedures used in Mountain Adventures Programs.

During the season, a YETIs primary responsibilities one day may include working with some of the sport’s youngest beginners, while the next day the young teaching intern’s work assignment could be to ride up on the mountain with one of the groups of children from the Rangers seasonal program. YETIs typically work every other weekend and during the holiday breaks of Christmas Week and President’s Week.

The number of positions that are available each season varies and is dependent upon staffing requirements and the number of YETIs that are returning from the previous year.