Workers finished the last step in a demolition project by digging out and removing a concrete pad used to hold equipment for a facility that treated low-level waste at the West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) Site.

“The WVDP team continues their demolition work in a safe and deliberate manner,” said Bryan Bower, EM WVDP director. “It is this methodical approach that results in legacy risk reduction in an environmentally sound manner.”

Crews shipped containers with an estimated 950 cubic yards of demolition debris from the pad removal project offsite for disposal before restoring the site.

The pad held major process tanks for the facility, which treated water used in spent nuclear fuel reprocessing operations at the site from 1966 to 1972. Crews decommissioned and demolished that two-story, steel-framed concrete building in 2006 after it was replaced by a new low-level waste treatment building. All that remained until recently was the steel-reinforced concrete pad with depths of up to 17 feet.

EM cleanup workers have torn down 61 legacy facilities at the WVDP Site to date.