It all started five years ago when Julian Wise and Athena Taddei met at a conference. Wise, on the board of directors and Taddei, a conference speaker, were seated at the same table for dinner that evening and together they spent hours sharing about the value of expressing wisdom, insights and experiences, which both of had been practicing in their businesses for years. What was amazing during that serendipitous dinner was that they both felt it was just as important to learn from others as it was to teach – didn’t matter who you were. A few years later they birthed a plan together that would give all people a non-judgmental opportunity to share their wisdom, because they believed that if the world shared, everyone would grow.

March 17, 2015 marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of their brainchild. WiseMouth Media Incorporated is a non-judgmental web site that allows all people, regardless of status or age, a free place to come to so that they can deposits bits of their wisdom, insights and experiences for the purpose of social good.

During their first few months, WiseMouth Media sat quietly on the worldwide web with nothing more than a very small mailing list to which they emailed weekly, encouraging those with a voice to participate in their initiative to share their wisdom with the world.  Today, WiseMouth Media has reached 761 cities in 75 countries across 19 sub-continents in 6 continents with their message, and impacts social media over one million times each month. Wise and Taddei are grateful every day to those who contribute to, read at, and share WiseMouth Media Inc. with others.

WiseMouth Media Inc. is also a publishing house that helps capture and preserve those bits wisdom in print and helps those with topic expertise become published authors. For those organizations, companies and brands that want to contribute to the global conversation and wish to partner with WiseMouth Media, they offer sponsorship opportunities, which foster authentic community engagement.

If you have wisdom to contribute, please visit