By Deb Everts

Two local women have been introducing the public to the use of natural products in their daily lives as an alternative to harsh chemicals.

Annie Widger and Lisa Williams, who are distributors of Young Living (YL) products, have been educating people about these natural products will offer another segment of their class series, “Discover and Create Alternatives to Chemical Sunscreens, Bug Sprays and More,” at the Ellicottville Memorial Library on June 13 at 6:30 p.m.

 The ladies started out by doing private classes in people’s homes and three years ago they began to offer a series of classes at the Ellicottville Library. Widger said at these classes, each participant leaves with a lovely homemade product utilizing YL Essential Oils.

 Widger said the impact natural health has had on their lives was the impetus. Sharing their passion and seeing the successes in the lives of others striving for better health was and still is a powerful motivator. She said this journey of using natural products started personally in their own lives at home. 

 “In our current culture, we are bombarded with chemicals in all areas of our daily lives,” she said. “Beauty products, cleaning products and foods are all chocked full of known hormone disruptors and chemicals that are linked with a variety of cancers. Many of these have been banned in multiple European countries. Paraban is an example.”  

 “I, for one, am concerned about what I put on my skin, my largest organ, and in my body. Awareness is key.”

 According to Williams, she began using essential oils to promote the natural health of her horses about 5 years ago. Simultaneously, she began to experiment with essential oils on herself and her husband, as well as their dogs, cats and even their Rose Breasted Cockatoo, Ruby.  

 “Through the course of this experimentation, I realized that my asthma had disappeared, as did my acid reflux. My physician, who is supportive of alternate measures, has since cleared me to discontinue all of the corresponding prescription medications,” she said. 

 The duo is also planning to add a perfume-making class, as well as a succulent garden class, in the near future. Other future classes will include a Summer Picnic, July 11, with food and drink infusion; Aug. 8, “Back to School Essentials; Sept. 12, Animal Care; Oct.10, Beauty School; Nov. 14, Natural Perfumes; and Dec. 12, a Christmas Party.

They offer a variety of classes in other settings, as well, including home, office, barns, recreation centers, to name a few.  Widger said they will customize classes to anyone’s needs whether it be for kids, animals, cleaning products. 

 “We also want to encourage other YL members to further their educations and awareness on how to incorporate the over 600 YL Products into their daily routine. But, YL is  more than just beauty products. Known as the world leader in essential oils, our company offers a full-line of baby products, cleaning products, vitamins and supplements, animal products and even some food items,” Widger said.

 With the exception of a $10 materials fee, the class is free. The Ellicottville Memorial Library, located at 6499 Maples Road. Space is limited, so RSVP by June 10 to reserve a seat. For more information, contact Lisa at (716) 353-1794 or Annie at (716) 378-9419.