KIM DUKE3 Exercises to Get in Shape for the Slopes

by Kim DUKE

Hopefully, you aren’t thinking about getting yourself into shape once the snow starts to fall. This just does not leave enough time to truly train and prepare for the slopes and terrain.

Getting ready for ski season means pre-ski exercises that will get your muscles in shape and get your heart beating as well. In this way, your body will be prepared for even more challenging and punishing slopes.

Here are three great pre-season exercises that you can do regularly throughout the year and can be completed without a gym or even equipment.

#1  High Stepping – High stepping is like what you see in a marching band. It is excellent training for your legs, since it puts demands on all those muscles that don’t normally get used. It’s like doing deep knee bends in reverse.

You do not need to consider anything special to do high stepping. Simply stand in one spot and pull one knee up, almost to your chest, and then back down as you raise the other knee. By doing this quickly, you’ll be working your legs, core and aerobic capacity as well.

#2  Downhill Running – Downhill running works an entirely different set of muscles than uphill running and calls for more balance and coordination as well. Even a small hill with a slight grade can help to get you prepare your body for the upcoming snow season. Run directly downhill or zigzag around obstacles for added work and benefits.

In some cases, it may be good to use a weighted backpack to increase the resistance and workout. Be careful to add weight/resistance gradually so that you do not risk injury.

#3  Adductors and Abductors – These are the muscles consists of the inner thigh and the muscles that aid the leg in movement away from the body found in the hip and back of thigh.

You can work these muscles in a side lying position. Lie on your side with your top leg bent over the bottom straight leg. With control, raise the bottom leg up keeping the foot horizontal and leg in line with upper body.

You can also work these muscle groups while standing by holding onto a chair/ski pole for controlled leg swings forward and back and side to side.

Of course, strengthening your core is essential if you want to ski well and reduce your chance of injury. Performing any of the exercises stated above should be done with your core muscles tight and contracted. Planks are overall strengtheners and can be done in many variations. Remember to keep your abs tight and body as straight as a board.

These simple pre-ski exercises can be done just about anywhere and without equipment. They get you in great shape and will help to prevent injuries, achy muscles and Jell-O legs during the upcoming ski season.