By Caitlin Croft

U14 athletes gathered for their last weekend of regular season racing. The final Mud, Sweat n Gears Cup of 2020 was held at HoliMont and Buffalo Ski Club.

HoliMont hosted the Giant Slalom which proved to be a great State Championship preview event, the race track was firm and rewarded the athletes who really knew how to let the skis run and hold and outside ski. The slalom was held at Buffalo Ski Club and in true BSC fashion was difficult and technical.

“It’s one of the best slalom hills in the state,” said one coach from the Central New York area. This was also the last chance for athletes to qualify for States from the Regular Season. There is a last chance event, The Horst Derby, but the qualifications are extremely difficult and it puts all the pressure on one weekend of racing. 

Giant Slalom:

Ladies: Francesca Ferarra of HoliMont finished in the second spot with the second-fastest time of the day followed by teammate Jane Rathbun with the bronze medal. Charlotte Harter (HV) finished just off the podium in 4th, Kaitlyn Turnbull (HO) 7th, Sophia Goldberg (HV) 10th and Teagan Banyard (HO) 11th.

Grace Privitera (HV) took 21st, Sydney Kuder (HV) 23rd, Olivia Cummings (HO) 24th, Reese Latta (HV) 28th, Grace Sheets (HO) 32nd, Annabelle Malone (HO) 34th, Siena Stone (HO) 36th, Haliegh Rittling (HO) 40th and Eilis Teahen (HO) 42nd.

Men: HoliMont’s Hans Solly took home gold, winning by nearly a second overall. Maxwell Burget (HO) finished with the silver medal. Dougie Basadur (HO) finished 4th, Gavin Weinstein (HO) 5th and Henry Black (HV) 6th.

Grant Stephens (HV) took 12th, Alex Gambrell (HO) 14th, Kester Tichband (HO) 17th, Christian Lisowsky (HO) 18th and Beaudin Napolitano (HO) 20th. Ethan Peters (HO) finished 27th, Chase Zumkehr (HO) 29th, Cole Marshall (HO) 32nd, Nathan Belza (HO) 39th and Shay Malone (HO) 47th.


Ladies: Holiday Valley’s Charlotte Harter finished with the silver medal. Francesca Ferrara (HO) took 3rd, Carissa Dunlap (HO) 5th, Olivia Cummings (HO) 7th, Jane Rathbun (HO) 9th and Kaitlyn Turnbull (HO) 15th.

Reese Latta (HV) took 19th, Ruby Wiley (HO) 25th, Sophia Goldberg (HV) 26th, Teagan Banyard (HO) 30th, Grace Privitera (HV) 32nd, Annabelle Malone (HO) 33rd and Grace Sheets (HO) 37th. 

Men: Maxwell Burget (HO) found himself atop the podium with a first-place finish. Henry Black (HV) took 4th, Liam Hamel (HO) 7th, Beaudin Napolitano (HO) 19th and C. Breck Dupaul (HO) 21st.

Christian Lisowsky (HO) finished 26th, Gavin Weinstein (HO) 28th, Chase Zumkehr (HO) 35th, Nathan Belza (HO) 36th and Shay Malone 39th.

Check in next week for Horst Derby Results, U14 State Team Naming, U21/19 Championship results along with U16 State Championship results. Good Luck to all of those U21/19/16 athletes traveling to Hunt Hollow and Bristol Mountain this weekend.