By Caitlin Croft

U14/12/10 athletes from the Niagara Frontier Ski Council and Genesee Valley Ski Council gathered at Holiday Valley for the annual Kandahar Festival.

Day one was a Kombi race and Day two was a Giant Slalom. Kombi is a combination of a SL and a GS race, in which racers must be prepared for rhythm changes throughout the course.

Day One

U14 Girls: Ruby Wiley of HoliMont took home the bronze medal. Holiday Valley’s Reese Latta finished 4th, Grace Privitera (HV) 5th, Teagan Banyard (HO) 6th, Annabelle Malone (HO) 10th and Eilis Teahen (HO) 14th.

U14 Boys: Holden Bozek (HO) placed 4th, Grant Stephens (HV) 5th, Christian Lisowsky (HO) 12th and Nathan Belza (HO) 13th.

U12 Girls: Isabella Cummings (HO) took 4th, Georgia Priestman (HO) 5th, Presley Napolitano (HO) 7th, Ruby Burget (HO) 8th, Reese Kuder (HV) 11th, Cait Conroy (HV) 14th, Tessa Feuerstein (HO) 15th and Hannah Goldberg (HO) 16th. Saoirse Teahen (HO) finished 17th, Stella Moore (HO) 20th, Sophie Belza (HO) 21st, Sydney Depetro (HO) 23rd, Sydney Davis (HO) 24th, Avia Howard (HO) 25th, Elizabeth Byers (HO) 26th and Margaret Walcott (HO) 27th.

U12 Boys: Hudson Marshall of Holiday Valley finished with the silver medal. Avery Platt (HO) took 3rd, Harrison Bozek (HO) 5th, Coleman Carls (HO) 6th, Declan Coleman (HV) 8th, Vincent Scott (HO) 13th, Caleb Miller (HV) 14th, Jasper Tullett (HO) 15th and Jude Lisowsky (HO) 18th. Cody Preston (HO) placed 19th, Everett Hamel (HO) 22nd, Sam Moore (HO) 23rd and Laken Marsh (HO) 26th.

U10 Girls: Claire Tutching (HV) finished 4th, Maeve Teahen (HO) 7th, Olivia Flick (HO) 11th, Mara Vivian (HO) 16th, Basia Chmielowiec (HO) 19th, Josephine Feltner (HO) 20th, Tula Davis (HO) 21st, Hallae Howard (HO) 22nd and Anieka Forrestel (HO) 25th.

U10 Boys: Milan Knezic (HO) took home gold, Robert Marshall (HV) finished with the silver and Eli Feuerstein (HO) with the bronze. All three U10s finished in the top 25 athletes overall. Maddox Paul (HV) took 5th, Kaden Tichband (HO) 6th, Ryan Campbell (HO) 10th, Colin Malone (HO) 12th, Jacob Michalek (HV) 15th, Brayden Davis (HO) 16th, Jack Rathbun (HO) 18th, Ashton McGeachie (HO) 19th and Fritz Chmielowiec (HO) 20th.

Day Two

U14 Girls: Teagan Banyard (HO) finished with the bronze medal. Grace Privitera (HV) finished 4th, Reese Latta (HV) 7th, Grace Sheets (HO) 12th, Annabelle Malone (HO) 13th and Eilis Teahen (HO) 18th.

U14 Boys: Grant Stephens (HV) took 4th, Christian Lisowsky (HO) 12th, Cole Marshall (HO) 14th and Nathan Belza (HO) 15th.

U12 Girls: Isabella Cummings (HO) found herself on the podium with the silver medal. Georgia Priestman (HO) took 5th, Eniko Knezic (HO) 6th, Payton Weinstein (HO) 7th, Ruby Burget (HO) 9th, Presley Napolitano (HO) 11th and Reese Kuder (HV) 14th. Tessa Feuerstein (HO) finished 16th, Cait Conroy (HV) 19th, Georgia Hewson (HO) 21st, Marlena Pecora (HO) 22nd and Hannah Goldberg (HV) 23rd. Saoirse Teahen (HO) placed 24th, Kealey Penson (HV) 26th, Stella Moore (HO) 30th, Sophie Belza (HO) 31st, Sydney Depetro (HO) 33rd, Lilah Buitenhuis (HV) 34th, Angela Krncevic (HO) 35th, Sydney Davis (HO) 36th, Avia Howard (HO) 37th, Margaret Walcott (HO) 38th and Elizabeth Byers (HO) 39th. 

U12 Boys: Avery Platt (HO) finished with the bronze medal. Coleman Carls (HO) took 4th, Harrison Bozek (HO) 5th, Vincent Scott (HO) 6th, Michael McCulloch (HV) 9th and Cody Preston (HO) 11th. Jacob Appolson (HV) placed 12th, Declan Coleman (HV) 13th, Everett Hamel (HO) 19th, Caleb Miller (HO) 20th, Sam Moore (HO) 24th, Laken Marsh (HO) 27th and George Wiley (HO) 34th.

U10 Girls: Claire Tutching (HV) took 5th, Mara Vivian (HO) 17th, Basia Chmielowiec (HO) 18th, Basia Chmielowiec (HO) 19th, Tula Davis (HO) 21s and Hallae Howard (HO) 22nd.

U10 Boys: Maddox Paul (HV) finished on top of the podium with the gold medal and took 7th place overall as a first year U10. Kaden Tichband (HO) claimed the silver medal and Eli Feuerstein (HO) rounded out the podium with the bronze. Robert Marshall (HV) took 4th, Ryan Campbell (HO) 9th, Brayden Davis (HO) 10th, Colin Malone (HO) 12th, Jack Rathbun (HO) 13th, Jacob Michalek (HV) 14th, Fritz Chmielowiec (HO) 18th and Ashton McGeachie (HO) 19th.

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) emergency protocols, all further Junior Racing across the country was cancelled. A big thank you to all of those who made this excellent albeit short ski season a success.

Thank you clubs, directors, coaches, parents, volunteers and most of all the athletes that keep this sport going. Congrats to all of the hard work from the athletes and the Times looks forward to reporting next season! Good luck to all athletes in the off season!