By Caitlin Croft

U14 State Championships were held locally at HoliMont showcasing our town and village of Ellicottville to a statewide audience.

Races were held over three days starting with a Super-G, then Giant Slalom and ending it with Slalom.


U14 Girls: Sydney Kuder of Holiday Valley finished 5th, Francesca Ferrara (HO) 6th, Jane Rathbun (HO) 11th, Carissa Dunlap (HO) 16th, Olivia Cummings (HO) 18th, Charlotte Harter (HV) 19th, Emmylu Carls (HO) 20th, Molly Derose (HV) 43rd and Kaitlyn Turnbull (HO) 48th.

U14 Boys: Dougie Basadur (HO) placed 7th, Maxwell Burget (HO) 18th, Gavin Weinstein (HO) 21st, Henry Black (HV) 26th, Hans Solly (HO) tied with teammate Breck Dupaul for 37th and Liam Hamel (HO) 39th.

Giant Slalom

U14 Girls: Francesca Ferrara (HO) finished with the bronze medal. Olivia Cummings (HO) improved on her Super-G result to take 6th. Emmylu Carls (HO) took 8th and earned herself the hard charger award for moving up over 40 places from her start position. Charlotte Harter (HV) placed 9th, Carissa Dunlap (HO) 11th, Sydney Kuder (HV) 14th, Jane Rathbun (HO) 21st and Kaitlyn Turnbull (HO) 30th.

U14 Boys: Hans Solly (HO) took 4th place, Dougie Basadur (HO) 7th, Maxwell Burget (HO) 8th, Breck Dupaul (HO) 11th, Henry Black (HO) 13th, Gavin Weinstein (HO) 19th and Liam Hamel (HO) 25th.


U14 Girls: Francesca Ferrara (HO) walked away with another medal finishing with the silver. Jane Rathbun (HO) placed 4th, Olivia Cummings (HO) 5th, Carissa Dunlap (HO) 7th, Molly Derose (HV) 11th and Emmylu Carls (HO) 30th. 

U14 Boys: Maxwell Burget (HO) had his best day of racing taking home the bronze medal. Dougie Basadur (HO) 5th, Henry Black (HV) 8th, Liam Hamel (HO) 15th, Breck DuPaul (HO) 17th and Gavin Weinstein (HO) 30th.

Moving on to Eastern Championships are Francesca Ferrara, Olivia Cummings, Jane Rathbun, Sydney Kuder, Maxwell Burget, Dougie Basadur and Hans Solly

Moving on to Eastern Finals are Carissa Dunlap, Emmylu Carls, Charlotte Harter, Molly Derose, Henry Black, Breck DuPaul, Liam Hamel and Gavin Weinstein.

Junior Alpine Races held at Holiday Valley

U12/10/8 Junior Alpine Racers gathered at Holiday Valley on Feb. 29 for their final event before the Kandahar Series. This race was two runs of Giant Slalom combined for an overall result.

U12 Results

U12 Girls: Georgia Priestman of HoliMont took home the silver medal with teammate Isabella Cummings round out the podium with the bronze. Eniko Knezic (HO) finished 4th, Presley Napolitano (HO) 5th, Ruby Burget (HO) 6th, Payton Weinstein (HO) 7th, Tessa Feuerstein (HO) 9th, Marlena Pecora (HO) 11th, Hannah Goldberg (HV) 12th, Kealey Penson (HV) 13th, Reese Kuder (HV) 14th, Stella Moore (HO) 15th, Georgia Hewson (HO) 16th, Saoirse Teahen (HO) 17th, Lilah Buitenhuis (HO) 18th and Angela Krncevic (HO) 19th. Sophie Belza (HO) placed 20th, Avia Howard (HO) 21st, Sydney Davis (HO) 22nd, Sydney Depetro (HO) 23rd, Caroline Briggs (HO) 24th, Sienna Das (HO) 25th, Anne Boscarino (HO) 26th, Elizabeth Byers (HO) 27th and Margaret Walcott (HO) 28th.

U12 Boys: Avery Platt (HO) was the fastest time of the day taking home gold. Hudson Marshall took the silver medal position and Harrison Bozek (HO) found himself with the bronze medal. Vincent Scott (HO) took 4th, Jude Lisowsky (HO) 5th, Michael McCulloch (HO) 6th, Everett Hamel (HO) 8th, Cody Preston (HO) 9th, Caleb Miller (HV) 10th, Jasper Tullett (HO) 11th, Declan Coleman (HV) 13th, Jacob Appolson (HV) 14th and Laken Marsh (HO) 15th. Sam Moore (HO) placed 18th, Cameron Willer (HV) 21st and George Wiley (HV) 26th.

U10 Results

U10 Girls: Holiday Valley’s Claire Tutching finished with the gold medal and in an impressive 10th overall. Maeve Teahen (HO) earned herself a bronze medal and tied for 14th place overall. Sadie Bruen (HO) finished 4th, Molly Mittler (HO) 5th, Isla Nichols (HV) 7th, Mara Vivian (HO) 8th, Basia Chmielowiec (HO) 9th, Hallae Howard (HO) 10th, Josephine Feltner (HO) 11th, Anieka Forrestel (HO) 13th and Tula Davis (HO) 15th.

U10 Boys: Milan Knezic (HO) took home gold and finished with the 3rd fastest time overall for the day. Eli Feuerstein (HO) placed 2nd and had another impressive finish with 5th overall. Myer Bruen (HO) took 4th and 9th overall. Robert Marshall (HV) finished 5th and 13th overall with teammate Maddox Paul taking 6th and 15th overall. Kaden Tichband (HO) finished 7th, Ryan Campbell (HO) 8th, Declan Bigelow (HO) 10th, Brayden Davis (HO) 11th, Jack Rathbun (HO) 12th, Ashton McGeachie (HO) 13th, Jacob Michalek (HO) 14th and Fritz Chmielowiec (HO) 15th.

U8 Results

U8 Girls: Audrey Coxhead (HO) was the fastest in her division taking 1st and tied for 14th overall. Zoe Buckley (HO) finished 4th, Clara Buitenhuis (HO) 5th, Reagan Depetro (HO) 6th and Milania Scarpace (HO) 8th.

U8 Boys: Mason Cummings (HO) finished with the gold medal. Griffith Hewson (HO) walked away with the bronze medal and Charles Robinson(HO) took 4th.