By Caitlin Croft

The 2020 ski race season is off to a start with the Sports Page Cup Slalom and Giant Slalom. These events are part of Empire State Qualifiers for U21/19/16 athletes.

The Slalom was held at Holiday Valley and Giant Slalom at HoliMont right here in Ellicottville. The state is divided into two divisions — East and West — and there are qualifiers on the other side of the state as well. 

How to Qualify for Empire State Games: Results are based on New World Cup Points. Visit to see how the point spread works. Only the top 30 in each race earn points.

For Empire State Winter Games qualifying, they will use one less than half of all results to determine who is invited to Empire State Winter Games.

Day One: Slalom

U21/19 Ladies: Holiday Valley’s Logan Fredrickson took home gold also winning overall by nearly two seconds. Rory Sauereisen (HV) finished 9th, Amanda Arteaga (HO) 10th, Kate Masliwec (HO) 14th, Megan Peters (HO) 15th, Evelyn Polly (HV) 16th and Brooke Willer (HV) 17th.

U16 Ladies: HoliMont’s Simona Muscarella walked away with the gold medal continuing her dominance from last season. Isabella Stringer (HO) placed 5th, Mary Catherine Mangan (HO) and Charleigh Priestman (HO) tied for 6th. Allison Martin (HV) finished 8th, Madalyn Cummings (HO) 9th, Alexandra Smillie (HV) 11th, Megan Williams (HV) 12th, Sophia Gambino (HV) 13th and Halle Stephens (HV) 15th. Gianna Ferrara (HO) placed 17th, Charlotte Branscombe (HO) 24th, Molly Basadur (HO) 27th, Brooklyn Napolitano (HO) 29th, Heather Dunlap (HO) 30th, Leah Smillie (HV) 33rd, Sarah Kelly (HO) 34th and Claire Rintoul (HO) 35th. 

U21/19 Men: Ross Fuller of Holiday Valley finished 7th, Alexander Wojnowski (HV) 8th, Will Knauss (HO) 13th, David Rintoul (HO) 14th, Logan Hubert (HV) 20th, William Dunn (HV) 32nd and Dalton Potter (HV) 34th.

U16 Men: Logan Kidd of HoliMont took home the gold with Holiday Valley’s Carson Corey wearing the silver medal and Logan McCulloch (HO) rounded out the podium with the bronze. Andrew Williams (HO) finished 5th, Buck Rathbun (HO) 7th, Liam Ainslie (HO) 11th, Gabriel Lisowsky (HO) 14th and Ryan Gambrell (HO) 17th.

Day Two: Giant Slalom

U21/19 Ladies: Logan Fredrickson of Holiday Valley once again took home the gold by over two seconds. Rory Sauereisen (HV) placed 9th, Amanda Arteaga (HO) 10th, Megan Peters (HO) 13th, Evelyn Polly (HV) 16th, Brooke Willer (HV) 18th and Elizabeth Bolt (HV) 19th.

U16 Ladies: Mary Catherine Mangan finished with the gold medal on her home hill and in 3rd place overall. Madalyn Cummings (HO) took 5th, Alexandra Smillie (HV) 6th, Charleigh Priestman (HO) 7th, Isabella Stringer (HO) 8th, Alison Martin (HV) 9th and Sophia Gambino (HV) 11th. Leah Smillie (HV) finished 13th, Gianna Ferrara (HO) 14th, Amanda Arteaga (HO) 15th, Megan Williams (HV) 16th, Halle Stephens (HV) 18th, Ashley Hubert (HV) 21st, Charlotte Branscombe (HO) 22nd and Brooklyn Napolitano (HO) 23rd. Claire Rintoul (HO) took 28th, Molly Basadur (HO) 30th, Sophie Krawec (HV) 31st, Sarah Kelly (HO) 32nd and Heather Dunlap (HO) 33rd.

U21/19 Men: Ross Fuller of Holiday Valley finished 5th, Will Knauss (HO) 6th, David Rintoul (HO) 12th, Alexander Wojnowski (HV) 13th and William Dunn (HV) 26th.

U16 Men: First-year Carson Corey of Holiday Valley finished with the gold medal and in an impressive 10th overall. Buck Rathbun (HO) took home the bronze. Ryan Gambrell (HO) 9th, Blake Preston (HO) 12th, Owen Griffith (HV) 16th. 

This weekend the athletes travel to Cortland for the next series of the Sports Page Cup. The U14 Athletes are on the road for the first Mud, Sweat n’ Gears Cup of the season. Check in next week for full coverage of both series.