cake-DinasBy Alicia Dziak

So many details go into every wedding. From the attire, to the lodging, to the food, so many things must come together to create the perfect day for the bride and groom.

While the wedding and reception venue provide much of the ambiance of the day, the personal components make it truly one-of-a-kind.

The cake, for one, is a wedding staple that often provides one of the focal points of the reception, and most guests will sneak a peek at some point during the day before it’s cut.

So just what is the latest and greatest in wedding cakes? “Simple” seems to be the key word, and classic is the new trend.

“White cakes with real flowers are very popular,” said Dina DiPasquale of Dina’s, which caters HoliMont’s weddings. She also noted that people are moving to smaller cakes and adding a dessert table.


“Multiple smaller tiered cakes on different cake stands are very popular,” DiPasquale stated. “Rustic elegance is still very in now. People like the juxtaposition of rustic and luxe mixed into one. Brides and grooms want great tasting cake, not just one that looks good.”

“Currently, we are seeing more cakes going back to the round all white look,” explained Trish Mullaney, owner of Dessert deli, one of Holiday Valley’s preferred wedding cake providers. “Some are very traditional, but others have a very smooth and sleek, sophisticated look. Color is still in, but in more subtle tones and earthy colors.”

Mullaney also noted that, “One thing is that we are seeing fewer and fewer cake toppers. A large number of cakes are going out without anything on the top.”

With today’s social media, sharing ideas for everything wedding-related has become easier than ever.

“A much larger number of couples come to us with designs they have seen on Pinterest or other Web sites,” said Mullaney. “We love designing cakes and we usually will want to tweak the design so it has a little more of the couples’ personality in the design than just duplicating the photo brought in.”

There are also some new tricks to feeding a crowd and staying within budget. “A small display cake with undecorated cakes in the kitchen for serving is more the norm than several years ago,” Mullaney said. “Also, using faux cakes with an insert of real cake for the couple to do the cake-serving ceremony has really caught on for outdoor weddings, and for many other reasons as well, including budget.”

And do couples still carry out that tradition of years past where a smaller version of the cake is frozen and consumed on their one year anniversary?

“Not as often as you would think,” said Mullaney. “I think couples that live out of town would have a transportation issue and others would rather not have it take up the room in their freezer for one year. Some will save a couple of slices. If this tradition guaranteed the couple having a wonderful life together, we would insist on it, but it takes much more work than that!”

Flowers, whether in the bridal bouquet, the centerpieces or the general decor, add a lot to both the ceremony and the reception.

Whatever the season, incorporating its elements into the bouquets is a natural trend. For example, use of pine cones or acorns for a fall or winter wedding is popular. Spring and summer weddings tend to feature pastel colors or all white in all things relating to the wedding flowers. DiPasquale noted that, “Textual greens, berries, fruit , pale shade and old fashion flowers are very on trend.”

According to, large petal flowers, such as orchids, hydrangeas and hyacinths, are big right now.

Also “in” is the “boho chic” look, and many couples choose to use rustic flowers in bouquets that look like they were freshly picked from a field. Going along with this theme, flower crowns in lieu of veils are also in vogue.“We have seen a shift from tight rose bouquets to a more romantic look with loose cascading flowers,” DiPasquale explained. She also added that the glitz and glam look of metallics, especially gold, is appearing more and more in wedding flowers.

However you combine the endless array of options for the big day, planning every last detail is a fun necessity, and every vendor, from bakers, to florist and beyond, will be happy to work with the couple to ensure a memorable event!