By Mary Heyl

If the holidays brought you a marriage proposal, the clock is ticking to get your wedding plans underway! From securing a venue to dress shopping to choosing among themes and colors, there’s no shortage of details to figure out before the big day. Even if you aren’t getting married this year, it’s great to keep an eye on the trends, especially with a royal wedding right around the corner this spring! Read on to learn more about this year’s wedding trends and how you can incorporate what you like (and avoid what you don’t!) in your wedding plans.

According to Katelyn Mueller, Catering Sales Director and Certified Wedding and Event Planner at Holiday Valley Ski Resort, 2018 is just about booked for the year, with only four openings. It’s certainly not too soon to plan for 2019, especially for the busiest months. “Just like 2017, September and October are really popular months to get married, as the foliage is beautiful that time of year,” said Mueller. “Incorporating greenery in the décor is very popular, as it works for weddings planned throughout the year, including the fall!”

Brides magazine concurs, citing greenery as a great alternative to decorating with tulle and lace. “Couples seem to prefer a more natural look, especially with flowers. We’re seeing a lot more wild flowers being incorporated into the décor—flowers that you would actually see in your backyard,” explained Mueller, who is looking forward to her sixth wedding season at Holiday Valley this year.

Another big décor trend for 2018 is a move away from traditional pastels to brighter color schemes. Brides magazine cites peach, apricot, vibrant green and coral as popular colors that pair well with other neutrals, including metallics. “Rose gold continues to be popular,” said Mueller, “and it really looks nice paired with other colors throughout the seasons. Purple and mauve mixed with a rose gold or a rust metallic has been popular for fall weddings.” Bright colors are echoed in other décor choices; according to The Knot, the biggest online wedding planning service, balloons are making a comeback and are a great, easy way to incorporate lots of color at the reception!

Instead of emphasizing tradition, 2018’s weddings are more about reflecting the individual personalities of the couple. Selecting a venue that has special meaning to the couple is very popular, as those who live in the “Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County” often choose Ellicottville because of its beautiful landscapes in the heart of ski country. What better place to capture a love of the outdoors, and especially skiing, than to plan a wedding near the slopes and capture a special moment on the ski lift?

The couple’s personality is also reflected in the food and beverage choices at the reception! According to Bridal Guide magazine, the signature cocktail is always a classic choice to serve at the reception. However, Mueller has noticed couples looking for something else to be served in a martini glass. “A mix of stations creates a more social reception, and the mashed potato bar has been a popular choice! Guests fill a martini glass with one of two kinds of mashed potatoes, a sweet mashed or a rustic style, and select their choice of toppings including different gravies, cheese, and bacon, of course!” Mueller noted that couples who enjoy sushi often include it among their reception offerings, and last year, she noted that more sushi was served at receptions than ever.

Whether you’re in love with just a few or all of the latest wedding trends, your big day can be the perfect expression of your unique style and taste! With all of the great services and experience that Ellicottville has to offer, your wedding day is bound to be everything you pictured and so much more.