By Mary Heyl

Are you busy planning your nuptials for 2017? If so, then you’ve likely been scouring dozens of web sites and bridal magazines for inspiration for your big day! From dress ideas to floral arrangements to photographers, there’s no shortage of details to figure out before your wedding. Read on to learn more about this year’s wedding trends and how you can incorporate what you like (and avoid what you don’t!) at any one of Ellicottville’s beautiful wedding venues.

Katelyn Mueller, Certified Wedding and Event Planner at Holiday Valley Resort, explained that September and October are two of the most popular months to get married at the resort, especially because of the beautiful fall foliage on the slopes. However, for 2017 she noted, “Spring weddings, beginning at the end of April and into May and June, are also popular. A big trend currently is greenery with hints of bright spring flowers, so April through June works perfectly for that color scheme!”

For 2017, Pantone Color Institute named “greenery” as the Color of the Year, and it’s showing up in all kinds of wedding themes, regardless of season. According to executive director of Pantone, Leatrice Eiseman, greenery represents “the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.” Indeed, this color is showing up in floral arrangements, table linens, and even bridesmaid dresses in 2017.

Incorporating greenery in wedding cake design is another popular look for 2017, and the look can be tailored to suit the time of year that the wedding is taking place. Dina DiPasquale of Dina’s at the Mont caters weddings at HoliMont, where she loves to make the couple’s wedding cake a perfect expression of their personality and vision for the wedding. Like last year, cake design in 2017 is leaning toward the simpler end of the spectrum with tasteful (and tasty!) touches that complement the theme of the wedding, such as fresh flowers or in-season fruits.

Thinking of how you want to capture your special day? A great photographer is sure to highlight every moment—although you may want to let your guests take part in the photography, too! Ready Image Photo, Holiday Valley’s on-site photography service, offers a variety of wedding packages and photography solutions including digital imagery, on-site printing, and even custom photo products for you to remember you wedding day for years to come. To book Ready Image, email holidayvalley@readyimagephoto.com.

According to ‘The Knot,’ an online wedding planning service, it’s all about capturing a fun moment. For a unique perspective of your wedding, create your own wedding hashtags for guests to upload their photos of your wedding on Instagram. Photo booth rentals are increasingly popular, and this is just one of the services that photographers Jenn and Ben Ayres offer when they shoot a wedding.

The Ayres, who enjoy shooting weddings at HoliMont, take special care to capture your big day in a way that is unique to you. In Jenn Ayres’ words, “Our style could best be described as part photojournalism, part ‘fine art,’ and part ‘lifestyle’ photography. We like to keep things as natural and relaxed as possible, and use our cameras to capture the emotions and true essence of whoever’s in front of our lens!” Visit www.ayresphoto.com to learn more about Jenn and Ben’s unique style and to book them for your wedding day.

According to ‘The Knot, ‘today’s bride is in search of a more ethereal look for her bridal gown, as opposed to the traditional princess-style dress. Flowing fabric, floral elements, and off the shoulder looks are all the rage.

Mueller said, “In 2017 plan to see lots of lace, floral detail, beaded torsos, plunging necklines and off the shoulder wedding gowns!  Metallics are still going strong as an accent color for brides in 2017.  Rose gold and copper are the perfect accent color due to their versatility as they can suite a relaxed evening or a black-tie affair. Neutral hues are also proving to be prominent this year especially for the bride that wants a classic yet sophisticated feel.”

Whether you’re in love with just a few or all of the latest wedding trends, your big day can be the perfect expression of your unique style and vision! With all of the great services and experience that Ellicottville’s best wedding venues offer, your wedding day is bound to be everything you pictured and so much more.