By Jann Wiswall

Ellicottville School District voters passed the proposed 2015-16 budget at the Tuesday, May 19 election. The total proposed basic budget for all school operations is $11,620,182 (Proposition #1 on the ballot) and covers instruction (teachers and staff), employee benefits, central services, support services, operation and maintenance of the facility, student transportation, debt service, interfund transfers and BOCES services.

$4,238,962 of the school’s revenues will come from federal, state and local funding sources. $500,000 in revenues comes from the appropriated fund balance. The rest, $6,881,220, comes from the real property tax levy.

Proposition #1 passed by a vote of 153 to 46.

Proposition #2 asked voters to approve the lease of two new school buses at a cost of $32,200 for each of the next five years. This proposition was approved by a vote of 158 to 39.

Proposition #3 asked voters to approve a $29,943 appropriation for the Ellicottville Memorial Library. The vote was 134 to 64.

Voters also elected current board member Connie Hellwig to a second five-year term on the board with 174 votes. There were no write-in or competing candidates.