By Jann Wiswall

At its meeting on Tuesday, July 1, the Village of Ellicottville’s Zoning Board of Appeals approved floor area ratio variances for new accessory buildings at 39 Martha St. and 1 Adams St. Both new structures will be slightly larger than permitted by current zoning laws.

In addition, the board approved a variance on the height requirement for the 1 Adams St. accessory building. The new building will include a first floor garage and a second floor apartment.

Under current zoning law, accessory buildings may be no more than 75 percent of the height of the main buildings on Village lots in order to retain a visual height difference between the two structures.

The owner asked the board for permission to add 1 foot 4 inches of height to the structure in order to provide a more comfortable ceiling height on the second floor.  The resulting difference between accessory and main building will be 89 percent.

In considering the variance, the board felt that it was important to provide the additional ceiling height for residents of the second floor and that there would still be enough visual difference between structures.

The Village Zoning Board of Appeals meets on an as-needed basis on the first Tuesday of the month.

The next meeting will be announced in advance in the Ellicottville Times.