By Jann Wiswall

At the July 9 meeting of the Village Planning Board, the board voted against approval of an amendment to the approved site plan for a drive-through banking window for the Cattaraugus County School Employees Federal Credit Union at the Ellicottville Square business complex at 3 Bristol Lane.

While the board had no objections to the plan itself, it did not approve the amendment because conditions previously set for the property owner had not been met. Specifically, those conditions required Sprague Development to remove a signpost on Elizabeth Street and to regularly mow the grass between the property and the back of some Elizabeth Street homes by no later than June 25.

Kody Sprague, the property developer, acknowledged that the signpost had not been removed even though he had assigned the task to an employee. He also was unaware that certain areas of the property had not been mowed as instructed.

“I’m responsible for my employees. I thought it was done, but it wasn’t. I’ll make sure it is done tomorrow morning,” he said.

“At the last meeting, we were explicit that these conditions must be met by June 25 or the permit would be revoked,” said Planning Board Chair Nancy Rogan. “We’ve been talking about some of these conditions for a year, and we’re concerned that things aren’t getting done.”

Pending completion of the conditions, Sprague Development may resubmit the credit union’s drive-through plans at the August meeting of the Planning Board.

In other business, the Planning Board reviewed preliminary sketch plans for a minor subdivision at 51 Mill St. The owner, Kent Dixon, proposes to subdivide the property into four lots for single-family homes.

The next meeting of the Village Planning Board will be held at the Village/Town Hall on Aug. 13 at 5:30 p.m.