By Caitlin Croft

The January 2018 meeting of the Village of Ellicottville Planning Board (VPB) opened with the public hearing for a single family residence to be located at 27 Adams St. Single family residences are an allowable in the Village Residential District.

The front set back has been reduced to 20 feet from 25 feet with an area variance. Side variances have been met. This will be 4,513 square feet with an attached garage and two lock out rooms above the garage. This is a Type 2 Action under the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR). The two lockout rooms are allowed with a Special Use Permit. The project will undergo Site Plan Review and Architectural Design Review as well.

Village Planner Gary Palumbo noted that the village engineer has yet to review the site plan in detail. The engineer on the project, Aaron Tiller, spoke about the French drainage system that will be installed and will go to a leaching chamber that will slowly release the water into the soil. This will take care of road and roof run off.

Robert Brogcinski, a resident of Madison Street, spoke about his concerns of the run off and how it will affect Madison Street residents, stating when the other houses on Adams Street were built it created problems for both himself and his neighbors. Tiller advised that he conducted several test pits on the site to see where the water table was and, because of this, the home will actual forgo a basement and all water for that lot will be handled by the drainage system. He had concerns on the size of the house and the VPB assured him that albeit the lot irregular in shape, it is much larger than most village lots and the requirements have been met.

Paul Sustronk, the owner of the lot and future home, stated that he by no means wants to infringe on the other properties and he had the water neutral system designed so that there is no impact to neighboring lots.

The VPB made a motion to close the public hearing; there was a second and it was approved.

The VPB opened the meeting with a motion to approve the January 2018 minutes; there was a second and the minutes were approved.

First on the agenda was a Minor Lot Line Adjustment. A total of 2.6 feet by 25 feet — approximately 67 square feet — will be transferred from 14 Monroe St. to 32 Washington St. to accommodate an exhaust fan that overhangs the zero lot line. This does not create a new lot, does not violate any zoning laws and will not create any non-conforming lots. This is a Type 2 Action under SEQR and requires no further consideration. There was a motion to approve the Minor Lot Line Adjustment; a second and it was approved.

In old business, there was discussion regarding 27 Adams St. The VPB made a motion to table this matter pending the village engineer’s review of the drainage plan; there was a second and it was tabled until the March 2018 meeting.

In new business, an application for an accessory apartment at 3 Washington St. was reviewed. This second-floor accessory apartment is an allowable use with a Special Use Permit. There will be a 5-foot-by-5-foot concrete pad in the rear on the building where the exterior staircase to the second floor will land. All set backs have been met, building height will not change and there will be a deck on the top of the first floor. Floor-to-area ratios have been satisfied and does not exceed 1.5. There is no additional square footage being added. All architectural preservation standards have been met.

A question was raised about the distance from the edge of the property line to the staircase. New to-scale drawings have been requested. There will need to be a coordinated review with Department of Transportation and Village Board for SEQR. The application was deemed complete and there was a motion to set a public hearing for the March 2018 meeting at 5:30 p.m.; there was a second and the public hearing was set.

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting; a second and the meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting of the Village Planning Board will be held at 5:30 p.m. March 13 at the Village Hall.