By Jann Wiswall

The Village Planning Board met Tuesday, Oct. 8 to consider three issues.

The first was an exterior sign design for the new boutique, Flurry, located at 12 Monroe St. The sign was approved as presented with no conditions.

The next issue was a proposal to construct a second floor, 22-foot-by-7-foot balcony at the front of the building owned by Patti Crist at 34 Washington St. Drawings of the balcony were presented, details about the railings were discussed and the project was approved as presented. Crist, who attended the meeting, also noted that the back and alley sides of the building are being resided.

The final issue before the board was a request by Ellicott Development for an “amendment to the site plan” at the company’s shopping center next to the Kwik Fill/Red Apple store. The company proposed to construct a driveway for delivery vehicles leading to the loading area at the back of the shopping center. The driveway will be fully landscaped to hide it from view of the private residence on the corner. In addition, the company proposed a new location for up to three dumpsters at the north end of the property. The board approved the amended site plan as presented.

In other business, members of the Planning Board noticed that a small porch area on the side of a home being renovated at 20 Washington St. has vertical siding. Village code does not permit vertical siding anywhere on residential buildings. The board asked building inspector Tom Abriatis to inform the contractor that the siding must be replaced with horizontal siding within 30 days.

The next meeting of the Village Planning Board is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 5:30 p.m.