By Jann Wiswall

The Ellicottville Village Planning Board quickly moved through its agenda Tuesday evening, March 11, after holding a public hearing on a special use permit for an accessory apartment in an existing accessory garage at 9 Mechanic St. There were no comments from the public, so the hearing was closed and the permit was approved.

The planning board reviewed and approved the architectural design/site plans for an accessory building at 5 Elizabeth St. The owners had applied for an area zoning variance to the floor area ratio, which was approved by the Village Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) on March 4, 2014.

Madigan’s restaurant and bar at 36 Washington St. presented plans for expansion of its existing rear deck. The planning board reviewed those plans, asked the owners to include screening landscaping on the alley side of the deck to obscure the deck posts and approved the plans with that condition.

Finally, the planning board reviewed a request from new owners Michael Stang and Lisa Williams for a minor subdivision at 5 Park Ave. The owners hope to redevelop the vacant buildings, which currently are zoned industrial, for light commercial and residential use pending application to the ZBA for a zoning change. The planning board approved the sketch plans.

In other business, planning board member Jack Kramer submitted a letter to the board recusing himself from participating in any planning board business having to do with Ellicottville Brewing Company. Kramer’s landscaping company is doing work for EBC, so Kramer felt it was important to “eliminate any perception of impropriety” at the planning board level.

The regular April meeting of the planning board has been cancelled, however the board will hold a special public hearing for consideration of the architectural plans for 16 Martha St. (the old American Locker site). The public hearing is tentatively scheduled for April 8.