By Caitlin Croft

Plans for a new medical office at 5 Park Square was approved by the Ellicottville Village Planning Board at its most recent meeting.

This would be a proposed first-floor office with residence on the second floor. A handicap ramp would be built on the east side and exterior exit from the second floor would be added on the west side.

This property is in the Village Commercial District bounded by the Village Residential District. There was one issue regarding a side yard setback, which the Village Zoning Board of Appeals granted a variance.

The decision was based on several major points. The proposed project is:

consistent with the Village Comprehensive Plan;

in harmony with the general purposes and intent of this zoning ordinance and complies with all applicable requirements; and

compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.

The project will not result in the destruction, loss or damage of a natural scenic or historic feature of major significance, alter the essential character of the neighborhood nor be detrimental to the residents thereof.

A Special Use Permit for use in the commercial or industrial district shall only be granted when it is clearly obvious that such use will be harmonious with the area. The size and location of the site are adequate for the use proposed.

The proposed project will not unduly increase traffic volumes or unduly affect traffic flow or safety in the vicinity of the site. The proposed project will not generate excessive noise, odor, dust, smoke or vibrations.

The Industrial Office/Light Assembly at 5 Park Ave. had been previously used for light manufacturing and there was a question if a special use permit was needed. There was a motion determined there was no change in use, therefore, no permit needed.

An application was received for a Special Use Permit for a banquet/event center at the former M&T Bank Building at 3 Washington St.

The Open Space Standards have been met, floor to area ratio is in the allowable range and, because it is in the Historical District, it is exempt from parking standards. This is exempt from referral to the County.

There would be a new door in the rear of the building and the previously approved exterior staircase will be changed slightly. The bottom three stairs will go in a different direction and the land will change.

This was deemed a complete application and there was a motion to set the Public Hearing for the Jan. 8 meeting.

An application was received for a hanging sign at Ava Grace, 24 Washington St. All requirements were met regarding dimension, color and it will be at least 8 feet above the sidewalk. The board approved the sign.

At last month’s pre-application meeting, the applicant for work at 74 Elizabeth St. was asked to present a site plan, architectural piece and materials list that complies with all zoning regulations for a proposed residence to obtain a demolition permit.

When the time comes that the lot is sold, should the buyer want to tweak the plans, they may come back to the planning board for a site plan modification.

The application was received and deemed complete, and the board decided to set the Public Hearing for the Jan. 8 meeting.

The next meeting of the Village Planning Board will be on Jan. 8 at 5:30 p.m. at the village hall.