By Jann Wiswall

With no one in attendance to comment during the public hearing on a special use permit for Dina’s Restaurant, the Village Planning Board approved the restaurant’s plans to expand into the former Holiday Shoppe space as presented without change.

However, the board made a particular effort to emphasize that, given a few recent experiences with other properties, going forward, it will not allow certificates of occupancy (C of O) to be issued for any construction project until all of its conditions are met and construction is entirely complete.

This condition was placed on all projects approved and pending during the planning board’s meeting on Tuesday, July 8, and will be included for all projects in the future.

In addition to the Dina’s renovation, the board acted on or considered the following projects:

Tips Up Renovations

Tips Up’s proposed renovation of the front of its building was approved by the planning board after it reviewed the front door selection and approved all other architectural design plans, including a new front window and siding.

The restaurant also submitted a sketch of a new sign design that incorporates the restaurant name, a set of skis, a patron, and other elements that will be carved and painted on tiger maple and black walnut. While the board felt the design itself was “busy,” its look is the owners’ decision.

However, the board noted that the new sign at its proposed size of 45 inches by 51 inches (about twice as large as the existing sign) would hang over the state’s right of way and, therefore, would require a state permit. Owners Judy and Anton Roush noted that the larger size was chosen to draw more attention to the restaurant, noting that because of a large tree out front, people don’t see the current sign or notice that the restaurant is there. Board members suggested that strategically placed lighting would go a long way toward drawing the eye to the business, even with a smaller sign. The Roush’s agreed that lighting would be beneficial and will look into options for the board’s review next month.

Two Accessory Building Permits

The review of architectural design for accessory buildings at 39 Martha St. and 1 Adams St. both were approved by the board after the Village Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) approved variances for those properties at its meeting last week (see story, page X).

Fillmore Drive Property Development

Three area residents have until next week to decide if they will go through with purchasing property along Fillmore Drive. The residents, who have formed a partnership, are considering developing the property for a 9-lot subdivision. The partners asked the board for information about any issues with the property and to help them understand what their options are from a zoning perspective.

Village Planner Jason Paananen had reviewed initial sketch plans and noted that some right-of-way and sewer issues would need to be resolved and the partners might have to rethink certain lots, but that the project is doable. If they decide to go ahead, their next step will be to submit a formal application for a major subdivision.

Comprehensive Plan

Board Chair Nancy Rogan reported that a committee has been established to update the Village’s Comprehensive Plan. A number of changes must be made, including the zoning map, and the committee also will prepare a proposal to establish the “Four Corners” of the Village, at the intersection of Washington and Jefferson Streets, as a separate historic district that is outside of the commercial district.

All members of the Planning Board, along with Town Planning Board Chair Margaret Signore and Village Board Member Patra Lowes make up the committee. A member of the ZBA also will be invited to participate.

The next meeting of the Village Planning Board will be held on August 12 at 5:30 p.m. in the Village/Town Hall. Applications for consideration at the August meeting must be in the board’s hands no later than July 29.