By Jennie Acklin

The Village of Ellicottville called for an Emergency/Special meeting of the Village board members on Tuesday, Dec. 27 at 8 a.m. The purpose of the emergency meeting was to authorize the purchase of a new sidewalk snow plow. The purpose of the special meeting was to approve hiring of a new laborer in the DPW.

Mayor John Burrell called the meeting to order at 8 a.m., and updated board members on the sidewalk snow plow situation. Currently, their plow is in Rochester being repaired, since it broke down twice during the snowiest week of December. A replacement plow is being rented at the cost of $2,500 per week, and they are now in the second week of rental expenses.

Burrell has been working closely with Town of Ellicottville supervisor Matt McAndrew on finding a replacement plow. The Town will pay for half of a new purchase. The initial price quoted from Admar of Buffalo was $60,200, and was negotiated down to $52,311 for a Wacker Neuson WL32 model. The hydraulic attachments are interchangeable with the current/old plow, which will be used as a backup by the Village. The Town is “giving” their half of the old plow to the Village, and will be relieved of any further repair costs. A yearly trade-in contract option is available, and Burrell believes it will be a good cost-saving feature over the years.

The purchase of the new plow was unanimously approved by board members, and will be ordered immediately, with an expected delivery within 11 days.

The special meeting was called to seek authorization to hire a new DPW department laborer.  Kelly Frederickson has applied for this position, and will eventually be able to apply for the position of Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer (CEO), Tom Abriatis who is retiring in July 2017. After Frederickson successfully completes the six weeks of classes for becoming the CEO, he will be required to take the civil service exam and will need to finish in the top three of the test.  Then he will be hired provisionally as the Town and Village Building inspector and CEO.  After completing the six-month probationary period, he will be hired by both entities full time and they will split the pay.