Ken Brown 700 Club Lends Financial Support to Alley Katz

By Mary Fox

Along with spring flowers have come the Alley Katz, digging up the dirt all over the village.  No individual or other group has done more to make our village proud.

While planting day is not until June 2, the Alley Katz  have been working all week to have the village cleaned up for Memorial Day weekend, a beautiful tribute to our veterans who fought so we could enjoy the beauty of our village. Memorial Day is being celebrated on Monday, May 26, with a service at 10 a.m. at the village gazebo. (See observance details below.)

It took a while to gather everyone for a picture, as the 12 Alley Katz ladies were working around the village in every direction, in groups of two or three, cleaning up and getting areas ready for planting. The reason for the picture was the presentation of a financial donation from the Ken Brown 700 Club annual March fundraiser. The check was presented by Les Fox, co-director of the Ken Brown 700 Club, as they all gathered around a bush being planted by the Alley Katz in memory of Kat Marilyn Kellock.

In the late 1970s, a group of retired women got together to spruce up the village.

“It was the first thing I joined when moving to the village in 1980,” said Kat Joyce Evans.

The name Alley Katz came from their efforts in cleaning up some village alleys. Their prowling around resulted in the planting of flowers, and every year the group took on more and more areas, including barrel planters and hanging baskets.

The Alley Katz get together every Tuesday during the summer to give tender loving care to the flowers that result in a village proud to show itself off.

“It’s a lot of work,” said Lynn Reading, “but it’s not all work and no play. We have a good time and share some laughs.”

At the end of their Tuesday work sessions, the ladies gather at Dina’s restaurant and, compliments of Dina, relax over a cup of coffee and a little kitty kat conversation.

The village, town and local organizations, such as the Ken Brown 700 Club, contribute financially to their efforts.

“But,” said Debbie Yantomasi, “the cost of everything is going up — dirt and flowers and shrubs cost more. Donations are always welcome to keep the beautification going.”

“We work hard, but the efforts are worth it because of the results,” said Kat Carol Mosher.

The Alley Katz are always looking for volunteers. Just show up in front of M&T Bank any Tuesday throughout the summer with a trowel (or claws) ready to dig.

On Memorial Day, Sunday, May 26, come to the gazebo and give your respects to our servicemen and women, and see the work the Alley  Katz have started this week to make our village a place of pride.  Soon they will have the village blooming.

Say “thanks for the great job” when you see yellow T-shirts or green sweatshirts working around the village.  Yikes, we’ve been overrun by yellow and green Katz!