By Caitlin Croft

The good news that the Downtown Revitalization Initiative Grant application has been submitted opened the June meeting of the Ellicottville Village Board on Tuesday.

The village has been working on the application for some time with the aid of a grant writer, assistant, survey and three public meetings. Those who attended the meetings or provided an email on the survey received a copy of the application.

Two checks were also received from the county for the mortgage tax and sales tax totaling just over $100,000. Mayor John Burrell noted this is 3.1 percent higher than last year.

Mayor’s Report

The mayor will be attending a meeting regarding the New York State Tax Code Update with a focus on the new Charitable Gifts Reserve Fund. Town/Village Engineer Niles Pierson and Burrell attended an Emergency Management Training in Little Valley and it has been deemed the Village Emergency Management Plan (EMP) needs to be updated. Burrell also attended a meeting with Civil Service in regard to the town/village code enforcement officer potentially needing to take the Civil Service test. In addition, Burrell attended two workshops at Holiday Valley, one regarding the DRI and another on community visioning.

Engineering Report

Bryan Clark passed Class B Water School. During a pre-construction meeting for the Monroe Street project, some concerns came up. The contractor who bid on the project did not include the exposed aggregate and the new quote is over budget. There was discussion on solutions but the board asked Pierson to continue to look into a solution as the trees that have already been purchased need to be planted soon.

The UV Bank Restoration at the Wastewater Treatment Plant has been fixed. Also at the WWTP, a solution has been reached with the Lagoon Master and Pierson projects a 3-4 year payback with the energy savings. The Fillmore Drainage Project plan from the county is almost complete. There was a motion to add a 7’ 5” hydraulic dumping and accept a $1,500 trade in on the purchase of the new street sweeper; a second and ayes carried. There was discussion on standardizing all vehicles in the fleet and then a motion to purchase a Ford truck with trade in; there was a second and ayes carried. Pierson is still holding an invoice from Nussbaumer & Clarke regarding work that the board and Pierson feel has not been completed to satisfaction. Pierson has also found an intern for the Engineering Department and has put our a request for proposal regarding an IT Consultant. He feels this is the biggest thing that can be done to build the department. There was a motion to accept the report; a second and ayes carried.


The mayor asked for a plan regarding sidewalk maintenance be created.

Special Events

The Rock Autism Festival will be Sept. 1 at the Village Park and the line up will be announced this weekend.

Old Business

Regarding the Short Term Rental Laws, Village Attorney Kathleen Moriarty is still working on the draft and suggested putting it in zoning not local law. Concerns have been brought up regarding the long term maintenance of the Ski Tree that was installed this winter in front of the 1887 building. Lowes states, “We have to have a plan,” and is working on a solution that is best for a sustaining budget.

Village Flushing will begin on June 17.

New Business

Burrell has asked Moriarty to go through the local laws, remove any duplicates, cross check that they have all been filed with the state. The aim is to be able to digitize and have the laws made searchable for the village website.

They next meeting of the Ellicottville Village Board will be held at 6 p.m. July 9 at the Village Hall.