By Caitlin Croft

The November meeting of the Village Board opened with good news: the third quarter sales tax were received from the county and we were up 9.2 percent over this quarter last year. The total was $106,515.14.

Village resident Linda Neuwirth was in attendance to voice her opinion regarding the leaf pick up changes. Neuwirth stated she had been a resident for 42 years and there hadn’t been an issue with yard debris and leaf pick up until now and she wanted to know why.

Neuwirth advised that one part of her street had been picked up two times before she had her leaves taken away once.

Niles Pierson, town and village engineer, advised that there was a public kearing regarding the leaf pick up changes. He continued that the cost to the village was getting too high as upwards of 30–40 man hours were being dedicated to this per week.

“Why was a machine bought then?” Neuwirth asked. She was advised this was to speed the process up as any leaves that make it into the street end up clogging the sewers and drainage systems.

Spencer Murray thanked Neurwith for her feedback, stating that this is the first year changes were made and sometimes things don’t work out as well in practice as in theory. They are working to improve the procedure for spring and fall of 2019.

Greg Cappelli advised they would improve communication of pick up times and the schedule for the future.

PROGRESS IS being made in the Engineering Department. It was announced the GIS map is 75-percent complete and includes culvert inventory, water and sewer inventory. Training in the use of a handheld GPS device will be held on Dec. 11.

The engineering website is now live, a link can be found on the village’s website. The new IT server and phone system have been installed. Regarding the drainage project on Fillmore, the project is complete and working well.

The Engineering Department has undergone a review of the current Village permit applications, forms and rate structure, which was accepted by the board. The current rates and forms haven’t been updated in years.

To streamline the application process and increase efficiency, the department has consolidated the existing forms so they are identical for the town and village.

“We took into account the cost of labor associated with reviewing a project and overhead,” Pierson explained how they came up with the new rate schedule. There was a motion to adopt the new rate schedule as presented.

The board was presented with updated detail drawings at last month’s meeting. There was a motion to accept the updated detail drawing as presented.

Pierson presented a proposal from Dude Solutions for permitting software for the Building Department. The initial fee for set-up and implementation is $22,305.42, which includes a one year contract. Pricing for first renewal term is $7,675.00.

The program will tie into the GIS software, which is also from Dude Solutions. It will allow the Building Department to be more efficient and organized.

Pierson said he believes that there could be cost savings over time because it would make it possible for the department to share their services with other municipalities. In light of the substantial cost of the subscription, the board asked Pierson and the Code Enforcement Officer, Kelly Fredrickson, to get more information and recommendations from other municipalities who use this or other software. The Baseball Field project is on a standstill until spring.

IN OTHER BUSINESS, there will be a Fall Festival Wrap Up Meeting scheduled soon, look for notice.

The board accepted accept the addendum to the Casella contract; a second and ayes carried.

The Independent Health Renewal was accepted. There is a 14-percent increase over last year.

The board appointed Jesse Klahn and Job Lowry as Water Treatment Plant operators.

The next meeting of the Village Board will be held Monday, Dec. 17 at 6 p.m.