By Alicia Dziak

Victor Wainwright and the WildRoots are back at Balloons this weekend for another great performance after the band’s first visit to the venue last week.

The band has been touring nationally since the release of its critically acclaimed CD, Boom Town, in May. The CD debuted on the top ten of the Billboard Blues Chart.

Wainwright describes the group’s sound as “progressive roots music.”

“We like to represent virtually every corner of the blues and I think we are doing that in our live shows especially. We are pushing the art form forward,” he said.

Wainwright is based in Memphis, but the WildRoots was formed in Daytona Beach, FL 10 years ago by Wainwright and Stephen Dees.

“The full band can consist of up to 12 musicians, but I mostly always tour with a four piece band comprised of guitar, bass, drums and piano,” Wainwright explained.

After Ellicottville, the band is heading west with numerous stops along the way to Las Vegas, then on to Europe, back to the States and Canada and ending where they started in Fort Lauderdale in January.

And what can attendees expect from the show?

“They can expect to be entertained!” Wainwright said. “We take a lot of pride in our shows and we always focus on entertaining our audience. To us that is really why we do what we do. We love to entertain.”

Make plans to check out this high-octane, crowd-pleasing group that has been “pushing the boundaries of what great music could and should be.”

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