By Jann Wiswall

The Ellicottville Food Pantry is desperately seeking volunteers to pick up and unload donated food once or twice per month. The Food Pantry of Western New York delivers Ellicottville’s supply of food to Salamanca. Volunteers are needed to pick up the boxes of canned and fresh food (which comes on pallets) there and unload it at the pantry at the United Church of Ellicottville. Folks with strong backs and roomy vehicles are preferred. Pick up times are flexible.

“Every month, 50-60 everyday working people in our community who don’t earn enough to make ends meet, who earn a few dollars too much per month to qualify for public assistance, or who are going through a rough patch rely on the food pantry to feed their families,” said Annie Widger, who volunteers as co-director of the Ellicottville Food Pantry.

She points out that volunteering is a great resume addition, especially for high school and college students. And the personal rewards are priceless.

For details, contact Widger at 716-378-9419.