By Jann Wiswall

The old Kwik Fill site no longer sports the large canopy that covered the old gas pumps, and the underground gas tanks have been removed. These are the first two major actions United Refining Company (URC) has made to prepare the site for use.

As required by state law, gas stations that will be permanently taken out of service must have underground tanks removed. In addition, liquid and sludge must be removed from the tanks and their connecting lines and the waste must be disposed of according to applicable state and federal laws. In addition, the tanks themselves must be “rendered free of petroleum vapors.”

URC will be completing its responsibilities toward meeting all these requirements and any other environmental remediation issues over the next several weeks in cooperation with state agencies.

Peter Conley, vice president of retail marketing for United Refining Company, which owns Kwik Fill/Red Apple (as well as the Country Fair and Keystone brands), says there are no firm plans for the site going forward. “The company is not actively pursuing leasing or purchase offers at this time,” he said. “We need to get the environmental aspect behind us before we start actively marketing the location.”

Conley also said that the new Kwik Fill location across Mill Street “has exceeded our expectations. We seem to be meeting a need for a convenient place to fill up in the community, even with the competition from the Seneca Nation stations in Salamanca.”