By Caitlin Croft

Holiday Valley hosted the first Niagara Frontier Ski Council (NFSC) race of the season. As in U14’s, the younger age bracket has been given a new format this year. It includes less focus on races and more time at an athlete’s home mountain working on skills.

U12 Men (birth years 2005 and 2006): Cameron Johnson of HoliMont took the gold with Erik Shattenberg (HV) 2nd and Blake Preston (HO) rounding out the podium in 3rd. Dougie Basadur (HO) finished 4th, Carson Corey (HV) 5th, Aaron Gyorgy (HO) 6th, Harry Scanlon (HV) 7th, Liam Ainslie (HO) 8th and Buck Rathburn (HO) 10th Maxwell Burget (HO) placed 11th, Andrew Williams (HO) 13th, Beaudin Napolitano (HO) 14th, Hans Solly (HO) 15th, Owen Griffith (HV) 16th, John Black (HV) 20th, Alex Gambrell (HO) 21st, Jonathan Scarrow (HO) 22nd and Nathan Belza (HO) 23rd.

U12 Women (birth years 2005 & 2006): HoliMont’s Mary Catherine Mangan walked away with the gold, beating the field by an impressive 2.46 seconds. Carissa Dunlap of HoliMont finished in 3rd and Holiday Valley’s Alexandra Smillie finished in 4th. Claire Rintoul (HO) finished 5th, Madalyn Cummings (HO) 6th, Francesca Ferrara (HO) 7th, Charlotte Branscombe (HO) 8th, and Charlotte Harter (HV) 10th. Emmylou Carls (HO) placed 13th, Katie Hutchings (HV) 14th, Reese Latta (HV) 15th, Kaitlyn Turnbull (HO) 16th, Maxine Palmerton (HV) 17th, Lilah Pecora (HO) 18th, Hannah Baker (HO) 19th and Ruby Wiley (HO) 20th.

U10 Men (birth years 2007 and 2008): HoliMont swept the podium! Ethan Peters walked away with the gold, with teammate Gavin Weinstein silver and Holden Bozek bronze. Henry Black of Holiday Valley just missed the podium in 4th with his teammate Jr Palmerton in 5th. Cody Preston (HO) finished 6th, Avery Platt (HO) 7th, Coleman Carls (HO) 9th, George Wiley (HO) 11th, Christian Lisowsky (HO) 12th and Shay Malone (HO) 13th.

U10 Women (birth years 2007 and 2008): HoliMont’s Jane Rathburn takes the gold in this first race, followed by Holiday Valley’s Molly Derose with the silver and Eniko Knezic of HoliMont finishes in third. Grace Privitera of Holiday Valley finished in 4th, Georgia Hewson (HO) 5th, Hannah Goldberg (HV) 6th, Anna Gambrell (HO) 7th and Elizabeth Scott (HV) 8th.

U8 Men (birth year 2009 and under): Hudson Marshall, first year racer out of Holiday Valley, took the gold and finished in an impressive 24th overall. Harrison Bozek of HoliMont took the silver and teammate Michael McCullough finished with the bronze.

U8 Women (birth Year 2009 and under): Isabella Cummings of HoliMont finished in 13th overall competing against girls up to four years her senior and finishing first for U8 Women. Ruby Burget (HO) also had an impressive overall finish in 21st finishing second in her age division and teammate Presley Napolitano walked away with the bronze.

On Saturday, U21/U19/U16 athletes traveled to Greek Peak in Cortland, NY for their next Giant Slalom of the Empire Cup Series. Max Carbaugh of Holiday Valley broke his podium drought, finishing in 1st and teammates Nathan Briselden and Michael Mercer in 4th and 5th, respectively. Nicholas Scott of HoliMont placed 13th, Carlo Muscarella (HO) 17th, Lucas Johnson (HO) 22nd, Christian Taylor (HV) 23rd, Jes Sauereisen (HV) 31st, Alec Nolan (HV) 36th, Orry Shattenberg (HV) 38th, Sean Nolan (HV) 46th, Benjamin Wise (HV) 57th and Samuel Balanevsky (HO) 67th.

For the women, HoliMont’s Zoe Knauss walked away with another podium place finishing second. Taylor Hubert (HV) finished 5th, Paige Duffy (HV) 7th, Logan Fredrickson (HV) 8th and Hayly Fredrickson (HV) 9th. Chloe Richard of HoliMont placed 18th, Sierra Cappelli (HV) 21st, Kate Masliwec (HO) 29th, Phoebe Dunn (HV) 33rd and Maddie Welch (HO) 48th.

On Sunday, the athletes were at Toggenberg in Fabius, NY for another Giant Slalom. Nathan Briselden of Holiday Valley took the gold with Carol Muscarella of HoliMont in 2nd. Alec Nolan (HV) finished in 12th, Lucas Johnson (HO) 16th, Maxxon Solly (HO) 17th, Nolan Evans (HV) 22nd and Sean Nolan (HV) 25th. Jes Sauereisen (HV) placed 28th, Orry Shattenberg (HV) 36th, William Peters (HO) 45th, Connor Galton (HV) 63rd and Samuel Balanevsky (HO) 70th.

Candice Kasahara of Holiday Valley had the best result in the slalom with 4th place. Paige Duffy (HV) finished in 5th, Lauren Thomas (HV) 7th and Sierra Cappelli (HV) 10th. Chloe Richards (HO) took 16th, Katrina Surdyka (HV) 17th, Kate Masliwec (HO) 20th, Phoebe Dunn (HV) 32nd and Maddie Wech (HO) 40th.

A huge shout out to all the parents, officials, coaches and course workers who helped make Saturday’s event at Holiday Valley another successful day! Tune in next week for everything Alpine Ski Racing!