By Sean Crotty

(via Facebook)

HoliMont FLITE Team’s Lexi Crotty and Wyatt Antkiewicz had a successful campaign skiing in this showcase event in Steamboat Springs Colorado.

The final competition of the year, a year which saw these two athletes log thousands of vertical feet on the mountains all over North America, brought together the top male and female athletes from across the U.S.

Thursday, March 30, was female qualifiers, which had Crotty skiing third in the order of 53 females. She had a strong run in the extremely tight field of competitors from 15th-30th place separated by less than 6 points, and finished in 27th place.

Friday, March 31 was the male qualification round, which saw Wyatt Antkiewicz ski very well in a very tight field where the difference between qualifying in 16th-35th place also was just 6 points. “Bubba” put down a solid run, finishing in that tight field in 33rd place.

On Duals Day, both Crotty and Antkiewicz had solid days, skiing very well in the deep field of athletes.

Crotty started her day with a solid 35-0 win, and lost her second dual in a very close 18-17 decision. She finished her second U.S. Nationals at a solid 17th place.

Antkiewicz won his first dual 26-9, and lost his second dual 20-15, to end his second appearance at U.S. Nationals at 19th place.

Overall, this was another great experience for these two athletes who completed their first season on the NorAm Tour, both improving their rankings over the course of the tour.