by Eva Potter

Holiday Valley’s Aerial Park, located inside the Sky High Adventure Park, has built a solid reputation for providing adrenaline junkies just the fix they need, and this year they’re adding two, family-friendly courses. Located on four wooded acres between Tannenbaum lift and Punchbowl, the Aerial Park now offers a total of 13 courses in varying challenge levels ranging from beginner to Commando.

New for 2013 — visitors can look forward to navigating Snapdragon and Ferngully courses that are relatively close to the ground.

Jane Eshbaugh, marketing director at Holiday Valley, said, “We try to do something new each year. The things that have been approved so far are two new courses. Snapdragon is a yellow, which is the easiest, and Ferngully is a green, which is the next level.”

So get out there and navigate ladders, logs, platforms, zip lines and obstacles to conquer the easy-to-commando-level courses set at varying heights. There are approximately 10-15 features on each course and some trees have more than one platform.

Enjoy gorgeous views on the green level, dual zip-line-only courses, Grand Rapids I and II, new last year, which send you speeding to the base via six zip lines, broken up by little tasks as you proceed from the top of the park to the base. They run side-by-side, so bring a friend!

The yellow course is the lowest at approximately 15 feet above the ground increasing in height and difficulty to the Commando level, which is about 50 feet or more above the ground. But the challenges aren’t just about strength — they’re also about strategy and balance. So, it’s comforting to know that safety is Holiday Valley’s No. 1 priority at the park, and according to Eshbaugh, “You’re always harnessed in. It’s impossible to fall down.”

Is the fear of heights still holding you back? Eshbaugh said, “It’s funny, because some people say that. Then they get up there and they’re so busy doing the course that they get done and say ‘Wow, I didn’t think about being that high.’”

The park opens in spring, tentatively scheduled for May 3, if the weather cooperates. Reservations are strongly suggested and can be made by calling (716) 699-HIGH once the park opens. Children must be 7 years old and other restrictions apply. For more information, photos and videos of people in action at the Aerial Park, visit Be sure to stay tuned for more summer 2013 features.

Be warned though — once will not be enough!

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