Roberto and his sister Karla receiving a pillow case with their names engraved, donated by Believer´s Chapel church from Allegany, N.Y., last Christmas.
Roberto and his sister Karla receiving a pillow case with their names engraved, donated by Believer´s Chapel church from Allegany, N.Y., last Christmas.

“Turning Coins into Gold” Fund Raise for Nana’s House

Nana´s House, located in Tepic, Mexico, is a non-profit organization that supports itself only by donations and takes in abandoned, abused and trafficked children.

“My heart’s desire was to give rejected and abandoned children a loving home. They desperately desire what sent them to us in the first place: love from wounded souls that have no idea how to love. They rage, scream and fight us until they accept what we have to offer,” said Mary Jo Hansen, founder and director of Nana’s House.

Spending time with these children and getting to know them  is a gift in itself. This past winter we saw laughs, smiles and great memories. We spent several days with them during our last winter stay in Tepic. Tom, Sofia and Diego played soccer and  football with them a couple of times a week. We took them out on hikes, field trips and celebrated birthdays. It is so wonderful to see how they are growing and being transformed. They are so well behaved and very appreciative of doing different activities outside of home.

Roberto is an 11-year-old boy who has really struggled in life. It ends up he’s quite as an artist and has amazing building and mechanical abilities. He’s headed in the right direction.

In México, we celebrate the 15th birthday for girls in a big way. Not only do they get to wear a brand new beautiful dress, but there is also a celebration and ceremony with family and friends. Itzi´s from Nana´s House has been one of the most touching ceremonies I have been to.

I have always been to 15th birthdays were the birthday girl is with her parents, her brothers and sisters, her family and, of course, friends. This time it was a bit different, because only her brother Oscar was there as a family member. However, she was surrounded by her new family and new friends for about the last four years from Nana´s House and school. The speech was amazing. Itzi was abandoned by her mother, abused and trafficked by her father (both in jail). She  was rescued four years ago. She is a smart, great student, polite and gracious young lady with a much brighter future.

Nana’s House continues to rescue abandoned, abused and trafficked children from the streets of Tepic, México. We continue to reach out for financial help as we receive children almost every week. We have three homes that are at maximum capacity. We need larger homes, support for their education, sports training, daily meals, expenses and medical care. Nana’s House supports itself only by donations. Your donation of any amount makes an amazing difference.

Please partner with us and help us rescue more children by reaching our $10,000 goal by Oct 17, 2014.

All donations are tax deductible. Please send your donation by mail to Nana´s House c/o Lilian Dirito at 4721 Creek View Dr., Great Valley, NY 14741, or drop it off at Katy´s Cafe or Nature’s Remedy in Ellicottville starting Saturday, Sept. 6.

By sending your donation, you will be entered into a giveaway bowl to win different prizes on Oct. 17. This event will be at Katy´s Cafe on Washington Street from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., and at Nature´s Remedy from 6 to 8 p.m. in downtown Ellicottville.

Also, please visit us at Fall Festival at our booth next to Nature´s Remedy and Gado Gado.

With thanks, Lilian Dirito