By Alicia Dziak

Looking for something different to do with the family? Then come out to Allegany State Park the first weekend of March to see some dog sled races!

Canadian-American Sledders Inc. hopes to bring the Trappers Special Sled Dog Race back to the park after a few years off due to lack of snow.

According to their web site, “Canadian-American Sledders Inc. is a small organization that was established in 1962. The club was established to enjoy experiences and lessons learned from our dogs.”

In ideal conditions, the races will be held on March 1-2 at Camp Turner, on the Quaker side of the park. (To get there, enter the park at Quaker, and Camp Turner will be on the left past Quaker Lake.) Several races of various distances will be held.

Teams will utilize the cabins at Camp Turner, while dogs will sleep in the trucks in special cubbies.

“It’s a neat experience. In the past, visitors have been able to meet the drivers. There is a staggered start, so spectators will continually have something to see and people to meet,” said John Mann, director at Camp Turner. “The dining hall will also be open, with hot beverages and other refreshments available.”

Proceeds from the sale of the refreshments will benefit Camp Turner.

There is no charge to watch the event. Camp Turner’s parking lot is available for parking, but will most likely fill up quickly. Additional parking is available along ASP Route 3.

The decision on whether or not the race will be held depends on the snow and won’t be made until late February, so be sure to check their website at and Facebook page before you head out to the park.