Darlene Baugh (left) presents the $5,000 check to trail committee member Jennie Acklin inside Katy’s Café, one of Darlene’s favorite hangouts.

As the excitement about the Ellicottville – Great Valley Recreation Trail building project grows, so does the generosity of those wishing to support it. This week, the trail committee received another gift that will propel the trail building project into reality.

Darlene and Travis Baugh of Great Valley, N.Y., and Fort Worth, Texas, have made a very generous $5,000 donation toward the construction of the Ellicottville–Great Valley Recreation Trail.

“We just love this area. We love Ellicottville and Great Valley so much, and just want to be a big part of this wonderful project,” said Darlene, who grew up in Bradford, Pa. The Baughs have many friends here and are active members of the community.

Find out how you can make a donation and make a difference, please call Trail Committee Co-Chair Jennie Acklin at (716) 699-4062 or Chairman Ken Hinman at (716) 474-8214. Direct donations can be made online at www.cattfoundation.org or by mailing your check payable to Ellicottville-Great Valley Trail Fund, c/o Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation, 120 N. Union St., Olean, NY 14706.

CRCF is a 501(c)(3) public foundation that will receive donations on behalf of the Ellicottville-Great Valley Recreational Trail, allowing donors’ gifts to be tax deductible. CRCF will issue grants from the fund for the creation and maintenance of the trail. 

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