By Jann Wiswall

At the Ellicottville Town Planning Board meeting on Dec. 17, 2013, Carl Calarco of CRC Engineering and Land Surveying presented revised drawings for the Glen Burn Trail subdivision at 6430-6422 Route 242 East, adjacent to StrideTool and the Ilex Inn. The new plan, which addresses engineering and zoning problems identified at previous planning board meetings, proposes a development of 38 townhomes, mostly made up of duplexes with a few triplex buildings.

Back in 2009, the planning board had approved one phase of the project, authorizing the original developer to begin preparing the infrastructure and obtain building permits for three units of a 43-unit plan as long as the developer presented detailed architectural drawings, provided 15-foot setbacks from parent parcel boundaries, and allowed for a 72-foot separation between the fronts of the buildings. The board also asked for revised site plans that provide more and larger parking spaces, a homeowner’s association document draft, more open space and other specific revisions.

Given the sale of the property to a new developer, Chris McNally, the extent of the conditions and issues related to preparation of the rest of the plat, Calarco said his firm and McNally “slowed everything down and re-looked at all plans.” The new plan, Calarco believes, meets the board’s requirements and also provides a development that will be more attractive to potential buyers. He also said that, rather than beginning construction on just one phase of the project, his team now was asking the board for approval of a single-phase plan to build all infrastructures at once, with a projected start date of spring 2013.

Town Planner Carol Horowitz explained to the planning board that its task for the evening was to determine two things: 1) Is there a need to reopen a State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) on the site; and 2) Does the new plan represent a major or minor change to the master plan. If it represented a major or substantial change, she explained, Calarco and colleagues would need to resubmit the sewer plans to the State Department of Environmental Conservation, the water plans to the County Health Department, hold another public hearing, and then go back to the planning board for approval.

With that, Horowitz and Town Engineer Mark Alianello reviewed in detail the revised plans with the board, going through extensive comments, concerns and issues. They pointed out a number of improvements over the previous plans, such as better road alignment, more open space, better snow storage and dumpster space, better lighting and parking plans, adequate fencing adjacent to a storm water detention basin, professional landscaping and more. Horowitz noted some revisions that were needed in the homeowners’ association draft and Alianello said that the plans would require final surveyors’ stamps. Overall, however, there was consensus that the new plans were significantly improved and met zoning regulations.

Margaret (Sis) Signore, planning board chair, then asked the board to discuss the two issues Horowitz put forth at the beginning of the meeting. The board quickly decided that there was no need to reopen an SEQR. That motion was made and carried. The board then decided that since the new plans were so significantly different from the original plan and that it was now a single phase project, there should be a motion to declare “substantial change” and to set a public hearing at the board’s January meeting. The motion carried.

The next meeting of the Ellicottville Town Planning Board will be held on Jan. 28, 2013, at the Town Hall at 6 p.m.


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