By Jann Wiswall

At its meeting on Jan. 28, 2013, the Ellicottville Town Planning Board heard a proposal from AT&T/New Cingular Wireless for an amendment to its special use permit allowing the company to replace its existing antennas with new antennas on a tower on Jackman Hill Road in Ellicottville. AT&T’s representative Michael Baroody explained the proposal to the board saying that the new antennas would give AT&T subscribers in the area far better, more reliable 3G data and internet service, as well as better in-home cell phone reception.

Baroody noted that no changes will be made to existing structures at the tower site, which is owned and maintained by Global Tower Partners. AT&T, as well as other providers, leases space for its equipment on the tower. He also said that AT&T is making upgrades all over western New York including Franklinville and Cattaraugus, to name a few.

Town Engineer Mark Alianello said that AT&T had a condition survey of the towers done, as is required, and that the towers are in good shape.  Both Alianello and Carol Horowitz, town planner, commented that the proposal was excellent and addressed all questions they might have had. The planning board moved to hold a public hearing on the proposal at its Feb. 25 meeting. If approved, Baroody indicated that the work could be done in just two or three days.

Ongoing Business

The Ellicottville Planning Board held a public hearing on the Glen Burn Subdivision at 6430-6422 Route 242 East, adjacent to Stride Tool and the Ilex Inn. There were no comments from the public.

The board continued discussion about the project with Horowitz, who commented that most of the questions she had raised at the December meeting of the planning board had been adequately addressed. There are, however, a few items that must be completed before the board can approve the plan. First, approvals of the sewer plans from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the water plans from the Cattaraugus County Health Department need to be in hand. Carl Calarco, the project’s engineer, said the plans have been submitted. Calarco also needs to submit storm water runoff calculations for review by Alianello, and, Horowitz said, the board will need to review a revised homeowners’ association document when that becomes available. Given these outstanding items, the board decided to table the decision until all pertinent information has been received.

The other issue on the agenda was the Overell property. This property is a duplex home near HoliMont off Rout 242 that was built and owned by two friends. The home has some shared services, including parking, driveway easements, sewer and water lines and an entrance to one property that is accessed from the other’s property. The original owners have died and the heirs would like to know what is required in order to sell according to code. Because of the complexities of the shared services, a number of variances from both the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board would be required, likely with conditions. The issue was tabled by the Zoning Board in January due to incomplete information, and the Planning Board cannot address the issue until the Zoning Board makes its decision.

The next meeting of the Town Planning Board will be held Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. A public hearing on the AT&T proposal will be scheduled for that meeting.

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