By Caitlin Croft

The November 2017 meeting opened with the Public Hearing on PB-2017-02 a Special Use Permit for a proposed Major Home Occupation to be located at 6469 Route 242 E. This is a proposed part-time chiropractic office. Dr. Leo Kronert will be open three days per week from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. This is currently a two-dwelling building; Kronert intends to keep the second floor as a rental and will live and work from the lower unit.

A Medical Practice is allowable with Special Use Permit in a Medium Density District. There will be no construction on the building and therefore does not need a Site Plan or Architectural Review. The name plate on the door must be less than 2 square feet. Concerns regarding the parking have been addressed and an easement has been drafted with the adjoining property owner for use of the driveway. There was also a concern on the lot size. The lot is 1.63 acres, but Kronert is only purchasing 1.03 acres; the remaining .6 acres will stay with the owner.

During the Public Hearing, there was a question from a neighbor regarding signage. The Village Planner assured him it must be a name plate that is affixed to the home near the door that patients will enter. After the Public Hearing was closed and before a decision was made, another neighbor arrived and was hoping to speak during the public hearing. The board allowed him to share his comments. There was concern of Kronert’s past business practices, which included submitting false claims to Medicare and private health insurances seeking reimbursement for services that were never rendered. The board advised that it is not in their power to dictate how someone has run their business whether past or present; it is their duty to review proposed projects and see if they fit the criteria in the Town Code.

After the comments, the Short State Environmental Quality Review found there to be no potential impacts and a negative declaration was given.

The Board made a motion to approve the Special Use Permit with the following conditions: Use of the Major Home Occupation will be for Dr. Kronert only, all sections of the code in Section 12.7 met, an easement between the adjoining property owners must be fully executed and all parking must be accommodated on site. There was a second and the Board approved the Special Use Permit.

Next, there were minor corrections to the minutes from the October 2017 meeting. After the corrections were made, there was motion to accept the minutes as corrected, a second and they were approved.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Town Planning Board is to be determined.