By Caitlin Croft

During the regularly scheduled meeting of the Town of Ellicottville Planning Board (TPB), the Public Hearing for PB-2017-01 Greystone Apartments was held. The project located, on NYS 242 E, is up for Site Plan Review including a landscape plan, Master Plan Development and Special Use Permit.  The proprietor of this project, Phil Vogt, plans to build apartments behind the Greystone Townhouses.

There will be two, two-story buildings on a total of 1.56 acres. In each building, there will be 6 units, two on the first floor and four on the second floor. Each building will be roughly 3,700 sq. ft. This piece of property does not have access to NY 242 and therefore will need an easement to get over the land of the Greystone Home Owner’s Association (HOA). Access has been addressed with a drafted easement to be signed by all parties within the HOA. All set-backs, height requirements and parking concerns have been addressed and the standards have been met.

At the last meeting, landscape changes were requested and the changes were reflected on the plan dated 7/24/2017. The Storm Water Management Plan is being worked out in conjunction with the Town Engineer. Currently, utility easements are being worked out. There will be minimal impact on the wetlands and therefore, the proprietor has applications in for approval from the Army Corps of Engineers. A letter of no effect has been received from the State Historic Preservation Office. There is concern over the width of the driveway with State Regulations, and Kelly Fredrickson and Tom Abritas are addressing the matter. The new plans showed a sign which will have the allowed gooseneck lighting and will be approved by the Code Enforcement Officer because it is less than 32 sq. ft.

Larry Ploetz, representing the First Presbyterian Church, was the only member of the public to comment. He is very excited and only has two concerns with the project, the first being his concern of disrupting the old spruce trees that are behind the church. Vogt responded he is planning on drilling laterally for the water lines as not to disrupt the root systems of the pines. Ploetz’s second concern was the Storm Water Management Plan and was seeking reassurance that it would not affect the church. Vogt advised in the current plan being reviewed with the Town Engineer that the water is being directed away from the church.

The TPB moved to close the Public Hearing.

Next, the TPB performed the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process for PB-2017-01 led by Town Planner Gary Palumbo. After the 11 questions of part two, the review process was completed and the TB moved to declare a negative declaration.

Considering there are a handful of details yet to be worked out, the TPB moved to table the matter until the August 2017 meeting.

There were three minor changes to the minutes of the June 2017 meeting. The board made a motion to approve the corrected minutes.

Next, Palumbo gave an update on the Comprehensive Plan. Chapter Three and Eight were addressed regarding Land Use and Future Land Use, respectively. Vice Chair John Zerfas found a few errors, such as the Ellicottville Memorial Library was not marked on the maps and the old Plato Store needed to be removed. There was discussion on options of how to classify land use (the four major classifications are residential, vacant land, agricultural and commercial) and if they are going to create sub categories such as timber, haying, etc. Palumbo is going to work on getting a map that is a hybrid for the update.

The next meeting of the Town Planning Board will take place on Aug. 28, 2017 at 6 p.m. at the Town Hall.