by Jennie Acklin

Supervisor John Burrell called the Town of Ellicottville Board meeting to order at 6 p.m., Aug. 15, 2012.

Donlen Drive. Michael McGillicuddy addressed board members with his continued complaint regarding the vacant property at 6515 Donlen Dr., specifically about lack of proper exterior maintenance. Town Attorney Kathleen Moriarty advised him that the town is not obligated, nor authorized, to remedy the situation. She advised McGillicuddy of the NYS Property Maintenance Code that the Town of Ellicottville has adopted, and that any complaints of violations should be addressed in writing to Town Code Enforcement Officer Tom Abriatis. She further advised him that his next steps, should he find the code enforcement officer’s remedies unsuitable, would be to file a public nuisance civil action against the property owner and Bank of America, who currently owns the property, which is in foreclosure proceedings.

Orkin Pest Control was at the property recently, as acknowledged by McGillicuddy and Councilman Hinman. Both parties spoke with the Orkin representative, with different conversations reported. Councilman Greg Fitzpatrick, who originally spoke with a Bank of America representative last month and ultimately got the maintenance concerns addressed, commented that the bank is working diligently on taking care of the property during foreclosure proceedings.

Four Flushers Meeting. A new water agreement between the Town and Village of Ellicottville was signed at the Four Flushers meeting held on Aug. 10, granting the town a usage amount of 7.5 million gallons per year. Since the new pressure reduction valves (PRV) were installed, the weekly readings have revealed trends and possible problems/leaks. “It (the PRV) has made a huge difference,” according to Burrell.

New Highway Garage Building. The construction contracts were signed recently with Building Innovation Group, and the building has been ordered. BIG was awarded the bid last month. Highway Superintendent Dave Golley will be meeting with National Fuel to determine details of the directional boring for a gas line to be installed under the railroad tracks and Route 242.

Golley also spoke about the environmental study done recently on the old town barn building site, with no report prepared yet.

Town Engineer Mark Alianello handed out a letter from National Fuel regarding the gas line that services the old town barns. The current gas line crosses private property, and the letter states that moving the old line would be at National Fuel’s expense.

Special Meeting for Pole Building Bids. Burrell and Alianello opened the bids on Aug. 11 for the Town Garage pole barn building. Four bids were received. Alianello is also looking into materials bids for the project, with the option of constructing the building by town employees, to be hired as part-time seasonal employees. A motion was made to advertise for materials bids for the project to be opened at 4 p.m. Aug. 24 during a special meeting. A motion was made to call the special meeting.

Town Police Ready for Centurion. Don Auge gave his police report, which focused primarily on the Centurion Cycling event being held in Ellicottville Aug 17-19. Considerable scheduling and coordination has been done to ensure all intersections and course routes are staffed. Auge applauded the Centurion organization for their thorough attention to details and looks forward to a successful weekend.

Engineering Report. Soil borings were taken this past week on difficult terrain for the East Tank Project. According to Alianello, materials are ready to be ordered for the 242 Waterline Extension project, but the necessary easements for each piece of property have yet to be obtained. The necessary application will be submitted to the Health Department on Aug. 16. An extensive materials list will be finalized and sent out for bids to be opened on Sep. 14 at 11 a.m. A motion to advertise for bids was made.

Revised Floodplain Study. As discussed Monday night at the Village of Ellicottville Board meeting, the local floodplain maps are old and inaccurate. Four parties have looked into redoing the maps, requiring a new topographic survey and a FEMA application to review the revised maps. The Town of Ellicottville, Village of Ellicottville, Sprague Development and Ellicott Development have agreed to work together, saving significant application and survey costs. The Town and Ellicott Development will each spend $8,268.75, and the village and Sprague Development will contribute $11,768.75 each.

At the heart of the study are the correction of floodplain designations and flood insurance costs for affected properties, with potentially significant savings to property owners. The survey will be done and submitted to FEMA before the end of 2012. FEMA review will take about 12 weeks before their decision is made. A motion to approve a floodplain study was made.

Bike Path/Recreational Trail. John Burrell spoke about the bike path concept brought to the board last month by Hinman, who spoke briefly about the possibility of the project. “Landowner permission is the first priority, then identifying possible grants for funding the project is what we are working on,” said Hinman. He thanked all members of the recreation trail study group and thanked Alianello for providing aerial maps.

Cooperative Extension Building. Extending the lease agreement between the Town of Ellicottville and the Cornell Cooperative Extension office was mentioned. A possible lease option will be considered. Details from the town attorney were unavailable during the board meeting, so the subject was tabled until the Aug. 24 special meeting.

Town Hall Cupola Emergency Repairs Needed.Inspection of the Town Hall Building’s cupola revealed that emergency repairs are needed. Peterson Roofing of Olean has repaired similar projects and submitted a bid of $14,300. It is a highly technical project, requiring hydraulic lifts used by specific qualified contractors. It was agreed that if repairs were not done immediately, damage to the building could occur. The expense was approved for immediate attention.

The regular meeting adjourned at about 8:15 p.m. A special meeting will be held on Aug. 24 at 4 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Sept. 19 at 6 p.m.

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