By Jennie Acklin

Grants Writer, Public Works,

HVAC System All Shared Projects

During the Wednesday, March 15 Town of Ellicottville board meeting, privilege of the floor was extended via conference call to Diana Cihak, president of Upper Edge Consulting of Buffalo, NY. Village of Ellicottville Mayor John Burrell and Village board members Greg Cappelli and Sherman Wilkens also were in attendance.

Cihak presented a proposal to members of both boards to work as a grants writer, outlining her qualifications, and how she would work with the town and village to pursue funding opportunities.

According to her firm’s website, upperedgeconsulting.com, Cihak’s clients include companies involved in green energy, manufacturing, hospitality and tourism, non-profits and craft beverages (including EBC).

Burrell commented that a grants writer would be aware of grants as they became available, and that the grants obtained could more than make up for her fee.

The Town board resolved that they would hire Cihak and Upper Edge Consulting, in conjunction with the Village of Ellicottville, at a cost to be negotiated by the Village board, for a two-year contract with a one-year opt-out clause.

Town/Village Department of Public Works

The Town of Ellicottville and Village of Ellicottville continue working together to create a new department of public works, to be headed by a director who will oversee a joint water/sewer district, as well as the town’s highway department and the village’s existing public works department.

Steve Mountain, Town of Batavia engineer, and Jeff Smith of Municipal Solutions will be assisting Ellicottville in structuring the position, and are preparing a proposal for a joint district here.

Town Engineer Mark Alianello presented a list outlining the circumstances, needs and goals of the Town in relation to the position. Some of the responsibilities of the director would be:

• providing technical and administrative support to the highway department

• creating and maintaining a GIS mapping system for town sewer and water systems

• working on consolidating the water systems of the village and the town

• supervising the water department

• assisting the planning and zoning boards in engineering reviews

A job description and salary range should be ready by the April Town board meeting.

Highway Department Report

Highway Supt. Tom Scharf presented a report generated by the CAMP-RS system, listing all town roads with a priority value to each. This year’s projects will include Horn Hill, High Meadows, Valley Village, Witch Hollow and Bryant Hill.

Scharf discussed the past policy of the Highway Dept. to replace the loader every three years when the warranty expired. He received a quote on state bid for $130,000 with a trade-in allowance of $97,000 for the 2014 loader. Authorization was approved to buy a new loader. Approval was also given to rent a road sweeper for one month, at a cost of $2,500.

Town/Village HVAC System

It was reported at the February meeting that bids were received by the Village, and the Village engineer recommended accepting the low bid.

The Town board reviewed the recommendation, and approved the award of the contract to Innovative Mechanical System, Inc. for installation of the town hall HVAC system, with a low bid of $88,900 and a contingency of $5,000.

New Business

The Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce has requested permission to use the Town Gazebo for several events in 2017, and all were approved by the board. The Chamber will be required to provide the Town with an insurance certificate naming the Town of Ellicottville as an additional insured. Events include the following:

• The Gazebo Music Series starting Friday, June 30, and continuing every Thursday through Aug. 11, with live entertainment from 7 to 9 p.m. each night.

• Stroll the Streets Movie Nights on Friday nights, Aug. 11 through Sept. 15.

• The Ellicottville Outdoor Expo June 3, the Summer Music Festival July 1 and 2, Rock ‘N Oldies Weekend Sept. 17, Fall Festival Oct. 7-8, and the Christmas Stroll Dec. 2.

The next regular meeting of the town of Ellicottville’s board is scheduled for Wednesday, April 19 at 6 p.m. in the Town/Village Hall.