HV-ski-racingBy Caitlin Croft

The opening weekend of races proved to be a thrilling one for the Holiday Valley athletes. New York State Ski Racing Association (NYSSRA) has instituted a new format for U14 Alpine Racing. The state is now split into two divisions—East and West.

Athletes traveled to Truxton, NY for the first race of this new format, a Giant Slalom at Labrador Mountain. Holiday Valley’s Caroline DeRose walked away with the bronze after a thrilling second run comeback, winning that run by a whopping 1.55 seconds, and only being beat by one male competitor.

Simona Muscarella of HoliMont finished in 8th with teammate Brooklyn Napolitano in 11th. Nyah Solly (HO) took 14th, Charleigh Priestman (HO) 18th, Isabella Stringer (HO) 19th, Amanda Arteaga (HO) 22nd and Megan Williams (HV) 23rd. HoliMont’s Sarah Kelly finished 26th, Gianna Ferrara (HO) 27th, Cece Carls (HO) 30th, Kate Carter (HO) 35th and Megan Peters (HO) 38th. Heather Dunlap also of HoliMont placed 43rd, Sydney Hendricks (HO) 46th, Megan Kelsch 51st, Tory Welch (HO) 57th, Helen Malone (HO) 60th, Lauren Tompkins (HO) 63rd, Isabelle Laube (HO) 64th and Luise Hartmann (HO) took 66th.

Holiday Valley’s Alexander Wojnowski took the silver medal in the opening GS. Teammate Ross Fuller finished 8th with HoliMont’s David Rintoul rounding out the top ten with a 10th place. William Dunn (HV) had the break out race of his career with an 11th place. Will Knauss (HO) finished 16th, Dylan Potter (HV) 20th, John Smilie (HV) 21st, Ryan Scanlon (HV) 23rd and Ian McKenna (HO) 27th. Nicholas Koerber (HV) took 28th, Matthew King (HO) 34th, Peter McKenna (HO) 40th and Logan McColloch (HO) 46th.

On Sunday, athletes raced a Slalom at Song Mountain in Tully, NY. Alexander Wojnowski of Holiday Valley once again walked away with a podium spot finishing in 3rd; right behind was teammate Mitchell Azcarate in 4th place. Ross Fuller (HV) finished in 7th place after a thrilling first run fiasco. The racer ahead of Fuller fell and he caught up to him at the end of the run. Fuller made the smart decision and instead of taking a provisional run, he elected to take his hand time (electronic timing back up) seeing as the finish was a State Team qualifying run. Logan Kidd of HoliMont finished in 10th, Reichen Morrisey (HV) 13th, William Dunn (HV) 16th, Will Knauss (HO) 17th and Ryan Scanlon (HV) had his break out race finishing 19th. John Smilie of Holiday Valley finished in 21st, Logan McCollach (HO) 29th, Nick Koerber (HV) 31st and Dylan Potter (HV) 44th.

Simona Muscarella of HoliMont had another great race finishing 9th. Caroline DeRose (HV) walked away in 13th with a streak of HoliMont ladies after her; Amanda Arteaga 15th, Isabella Stringer 16th, Nyah Solly 17th, Brooklyn Napolitano 18th and Charleigh Priestman 19th. The remaining athletes are all HoliMont ladies: Megan Peters 27th, Sarah Kelly 34th, Kate Carter 35th, Sydney Hendriks 36th, Gianna Ferrera 38th, Heather Dunlap 44th, Megan Kelsch 48th, Tory Welch 50th, Helen Malone 57th, Lauren Tompkins 58th, Isabelle Laube 59th and Luise Hartmann 61st.

Next week the U14’s will be at HoliMont for a Super G training camp. U16/U19/U21’s travel to Greek Peak and Toggenburg for their next Empire Cup Series. U12/U10’s will travel to HoliMont for their Flight Camp which is an introduction to Super G and Sunday they have their first race of the season a Giant Slalom at Holiday Valley.