Letter from the Special Events Committee 2014

• Know where you are staying and the phone number (there are a lot of condos and rental houses.) Know how you are getting home and where you are going.

• Have an emergency plan — where to meet if you are separated or cell service is unavailable.

• Keep your pets at home. It’s crowded and they will be happier as well as all concerned. Village Laws: Clean up after your pets. All pets are to be on a leash.

• Rethink that huge stroller or wagon … it’s crowded.

• Dress accordingly. You will be walking, and temps and weather conditions change quickly, so be prepared!

• Fake ID? Bouncers will definitely be looking for them. Backpacks and large purses may or may not be allowed into bars.

• Don’t travel alone. Use sidewalks outside of festival areas. There IS traffic.

• Eat and stay hydrated (popcorn and alcohol don’t cut it).

• Support local and not-for-profits. They are a huge part in making this all happen!

• Traffic … expect it. Parking … interesting. Shuttles are available to designated locations. Expect to walk.

• House parties fall under the same noise and occupancy ordinances. Keep it respectable after 11 p.m.

• Bus and private carriers loading and unloading allowed only at the DPW on Mill & Martha Street.

• Open Container Law = Zero Tolerance. This applies to buses and private carriers, anyone in village public space. Drink it or leave it.

• It’s crowded … keep your cool, be patient in traffic, with servers, employees and others all around.

• Behave, have fun, keep it in check. Remember you are a guest or host and respect all.

Contact Numbers:

Emergency: 911

Sheriff’s Dept.: Non-emergency: (716) 938-9191

Chamber of Commerce: (716) 699-5046

Taxi: (716) 375-TAXI