Local Prognosticator’s Prediction for Winter 2014-15

Ted Lacroix, the former Holiday Valley Food and Beverage GM, but better known as the “Pine Cone Prognosticator,” gave his much anticipated Pine Cone Report at Holiday Valley’s department head meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 9.

Back in the ‘60s, Alpine Pete would predict the winter on a sign hung on his large boat parked at the Telemark Restaurant at the base of the Holiday Valley Road. For the last 20 years, Ted has taken on the role. He tells the tall tale about meeting the mysterious Eileen, climbing up the mountain and collecting pine cones from the official Pine Cone Tree. Zero pinecones predict a disastrous winter and 10 would be the absolute perfect winter.

This year Ted “went out on a limb” and made the prediction all by himself; it seemed the mysterious Eileen had disappeared. Not to be discouraged, and relying on his many years of experience, Ted confidently made his prediction of 8.5 pine cones to the cheers of the Holiday Valley staff.  In the end, although much of the report is done tongue in cheek, he’s usually right! Last year’s report was an amazing 9.75 pine cones, and as you may recall, it was the winter that would not end.