The Pilates Body: 

The Philosophy of Contrology

by Kim Alexander Buhler, Stott™ Certified Pilates Instructor

The idea of the “Pilates body” is not a new one. As well, it has far more to do with what is happening within than it is a reflection of a body external.

Originating in the early 1900s, Pilates, as we conceive it today, was guided by the vision of Joseph H. Pilates and found its fundamental essence in his aptly named philosophy of “Contrology.”  “Ideally the body obeys the will of the mind” characterizes his belief that the mind-body connection greatly enhances athletic conditioning. Far more than a series of creative weight-bearing exercises, Pilates is simultaneously a well-researched philosophy of controlled, centered movement.

Based on Pilates’ observations and life’s experiences, the Pilates method of conditioning has enjoyed the accolades of fitness enthusiasts, both professional and recreational, for over 100 years. Long a secret of the dance world, Pilates is now considered mainstream and its fundamental concept of strengthening deep muscles of the trunk and back is a recognized essential component of any properly designed fitness program.

Functional training of  the core is now widely understood to be a prerequisite to a body that is well-balanced, supple and strong — and it is methodically achieved from the inside out! Deep intrinsic muscles responsible for initial stabilization are targeted and trained to fire prior to the larger, more well-known and often overdeveloped superficial muscle groups. The result is a body that is far more balanced, is capable of moving through space with efficiency and grace and one that has its origins in mindful neuromuscular awareness.

So, whether you are hitting the slopes, taking a jog, enjoying a trail ride or just washing the remnants of a wonderfully white winter from your weary vehicle, why not take a step into your own autonomy and do it with awareness…do it with intention….do it from your core?  Breathe deeply and consciously and experience an internal power and peace that is restorative both mentally and physically, a place of connectivity that can literally transform the quality of your life.

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Kim Buhler is a Stotttm Pilates fully trained and certified  instructor.  She teaches both mat and equipment based work at the Chautauqua Institute’s Chautauqua Fitness Center and is now offering classes locally on Mon/Wed/Fri at 9:30  at Kim Duke’s Core Performance Fitness Studio – Ellicottville Square, 33 Bristol Lane., Ellicottville.

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