By Mary Heyl

While wedding dress styles may change from year to year, and colors and flowers go in and out of vogue, treating your guests to a delicious wedding dessert never goes out of style. Indeed, few things about your big day may be more memorable to your guests than a unique, drool-worthy dessert—especially when unexpected flavors, beautiful presentation and a variety of choices are at the top of your list! From the bridal shower to the big day, make sure each guest’s sweet tooth is satisfied, and don’t be afraid to incorporate your own taste and style into the selection.

Perhaps the best part of choosing wedding desserts is sampling, and Ellicottville’s new bakery, Cupcaked, provides many opportunities. Owners Anne and Scott Coe welcome you to their beautiful bakery at 22 Monroe Street, where they serve a wide variety of delicious treats and offer a full range of event planning services.

Cupcaked is known for their incredible variety of delicious cupcakes; there are more than 30 different flavor combinations! Anne has taken cupcake baking far beyond simply chocolate or vanilla, as Irish Car Bomb, Maple Bacon, Mint Chip and White Russian are just a few of the unique flavors that Anne bakes.  Customer favorites include Chocolate Peanut Butter as well as Raspberry Delight, which is vanilla cake with raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream frosting. These same flavors are echoed in Cupcaked’s wedding cake flavors, Anne explained: “Our almond raspberry and chocolate peanut butter are our two most commonly requested cakes!”

Interestingly, wedding cake trends have shifted from the iconic white tiered confection that previous generations of brides served. “The traditional cake is going out of style for the majority of brides,” said Anne. “They are either doing full cupcake displays and small ceremonial cakes or an assortment of dessert displays.”

Katelyn Mueller, Catering Sales Director and Certified Wedding and Event Planner at Holiday Valley Ski Resort, has noticed similar trends in dessert preferences both last year and this coming year. “I would say 60 to 70 percent of our brides select tiered cakes, but more and more are choosing to have assorted dessert bars that offer a variety of pies, cookies and other petite desserts.” Indeed, this trend fits in with a larger trend for 2018: a mix of stations for the main meal instead of a traditional plated dinner to encourage a more social reception with plenty of mingling and fun.

Why wait until the big day to get creative with desserts? The bridal shower is the perfect opportunity to serve a variety of tasty (and portable!) treats. “Wedding showers are one of our favorite things to do—they are usually so creative and girly with tons of pink!” said Coe, who offers dessert displays and cupcakes for both the wedding day and the shower. According to her, mini cupcakes are a huge hit this year for bridal showers, but she’s also made cake pops—one of her favorite treats to make!

The wedding cake (or dessert station) is the perfect opportunity to treat your guests, but also incorporate your own personal style and taste into one of the most memorable parts of the day. Dina DiPasquale of Dina’s at the ‘Mont caters weddings at HoliMont, where she loves to make the couple’s wedding cake a perfect expression of their personality and vision for the wedding. From tiered cakes to cupcakes to pies to cookies, DiPasquale understands that no two weddings are the same, and neither are the desserts. This year’s trends include a simpler, more classic cake with buttercream frosting and simple floral or fruit accents, especially figs, which are the “it” fruit this wedding season.

Of course, there are many factors to consider when selecting a dessert for the big day. From the number of guests to food allergies or preferences to the time of year, there are lots of dessert options to make it a memorable day for both the bride and groom and their guests. For 2018 it seems, the less traditional, the better!