By Louisa Benatovich . Student Reporter

Buzz… buzz… buzz… 

Phones rang synchronously in the calculus classroom. We all looked. It was a message from Mr. Matt Finn, our class advisor. 

“Tomorrow is not a dress-up day for Spirit Week,” the message read, “but we encourage ONLY seniors to participate in ‘Future Day.’ This means you may wear apparel from a college or the workforce or whatever you decide to do after graduation!” 

Wow, what a weighty request, we all thought. Our futures are just around the corner. Did we even know what was in the cards for our fellow classmates?

It’s so easy to get absorbed in one’s own post-high school process, one forgets that everyone around them is going through the same exact thing. 

With this in mind, Abby Sonnenberg and I set out to make this wrong right. We call this segment “Future Aspirations with the ECS Class of 2019.”

Jaclyn Freundschuh wants to be an obstetrician/gynecologist. “I’ve always loved helping people and little babies.”

Kayleigh Coolidge wishes to be a wildlife veterinarian.

Gabby Squires plans to attend Syracuse University for mechanical engineering. She’s always loved how things work.

Robin Freaney will work for her mother as an insurance agent. She wants to keep the family business alive. 

Meganne Chapman loves civil engineering. “I like the outdoors and how structures are built. I want to help with societal infrastructure.”

Paisly Baker-Farnum will attend Buffalo State for fashion design.

Zack Krotz and Ned Hartsell (the dynamic duo) potentially plan on going to Alfred together, but they’re not sure which one.

Abby Grant wants to go to college to be a veterinarian. She loves animals and has always wanted to join the field.

Malorie Chamberlain will be attending Florida Southwestern State College.

Linnea Jimerson plans to attend Jamestown Community College, potentially for marine biology.

Evelyn Ballard will attend Pitt/Brad for nursing. She knows there are always jobs for nurses and she likes helping the sick.

Sierra Maybee is planning on the Albany School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. She wishes to become a pharmacist.

Brennan Finn, also interested in health care, is debating between a few colleges. He may attend Florida Gulf Coast for physical therapy.

Abby Sonnenberg will be attending Ohio University for linguistics and psychology. She adores how languages work and the science of how people learn and maintain them.

I will be heading to Baltimore next year for Pre-Med at Johns Hopkins University. The human body amazes me, and I want to devote my entire life to working in service and discovery of it. 

Now, for the next step: graduation!