by James Arbogast

Instructor, Mel Sole Golf Schools

People get the pitch and the chip confused most of the time. The chip is a low shot with lots of run out. The pitch is a high shot that lands soft with very little run out.

I carry four wedges in my bag — most people carry two. With four wedges, I have no gaps in distance from 100 yards and into the cup. Since 80 percent of your score is from 100 yards and in, you don’t want gaps in yardage.

To hit a good pitch shot, you have to have the proper setup. First, play the ball forward in your stance off your instep. Then with 80 percent of your weight on the front leg, open your stance up so the feet are left of the target. Use your left arm like the hand of a clock and keep your grip light on the club. Use your arms, not the hands, to take the club back and through. Your hips don’t turn on the backswing, but you will turn and face the target on the follow through with your belt buckle and chest.

Next time you practice, try this setup and shot — it will save you strokes.