Mary Lynn Boberg, National Ski Patrol, at EBC by one of Israel’s paintings
Mary Lynn Boberg, National Ski Patrol, at EBC by one of Israel’s paintings

Michael Israel Event Scheduled for Aug. 2 at EBC

By Jennie Acklin

World-renowned artist Michael Israel paints larger-than-life canvasses on stage to high-energy music, and he will be bringing his show to Ellicottville this August. Five of his original paintings, which will be created during his art-in-concert event Aug. 2 at Ellicottville Brewing Company (EBC), will be auctioned with proceeds benefitting both Holiday Valley and HoliMont Ski Patrols.

Mary Lynn Boberg, a HoliMont ski patroller and hostess at EBC, is the National Ski Patrol contact for the event, and she spoke with the Ellicottville Times to explain how the event came about.

“Michael Israel chooses to work with a limited number of non-for-profit events per year to raise money for, such as the Special Olympics, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and last summer’s (2013) Hospice Chautauqua County,“ she explained. “Peter Kreinheder (owner of EBC) was in the audience at that (Chautauqua County) performance, and was in complete awe afterwards, and purchased one of Israel’s paintings, which now hangs inside the new EBC.”

“My husband Greg, who is a Holiday Valley ski patrol member, is also in charge of the ski patrol beer and sausage tent during Fall Fest. He attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting that was held shortly before Fall Fest, where several bar and restaurant owners discussed the successes and opportunities for improvement of Fall Fest,” Boberg explained. “Greg talked during the meeting about how outside competition was taking away the money normally generated at the Ski Patrol’s tent and how, in the past, the HVSP depended on Fall Fest as their primary fundraiser for the year.”

According to Boberg, Peter Kreinheder was also in attendance at the chamber meeting and listened carefully to the needs of the ski patrol groups, who depend on fundraising for making all of their own equipment purchases — toboggans, radios, medical supplies, AEDs — everything necessary to equip a medical facility.

Within two days after that chamber meeting, Peter Kreinheder contacted Greg Boberg with the idea of a Michael Israel fundraiser for both ski patrol groups. And as they say, the rest is history … or is about to be history.

“Most people don’t realize that area Ski Patrols rely on fundraising for all of their supply and equipment needs,” said Boberg.

Holiday Valley Ski Patrol

Holiday Valley has a highly experienced ski patrol, with members averaging 18 years of ski patrol service. The skill level of Holiday Valley patrollers is so high that 35 of 113 members hold National Ski Patrol instructor certification, qualifying them to train and evaluate patrollers. Every year, Holiday Valley hosts first aid, skiing and snowboarding, and toboggan-handling training events for patrollers from other resorts.

The Holiday Valley Ski Patrol is a self-sustaining rescue organization composed almost entirely of volunteers. Each member pays annual dues and training fees. Members also purchase and maintain their ski equipment and first-aid packs and pay part of the cost of their easily recognized red and black uniforms.

HoliMont Ski Patrol

The HoliMont Ski Patrol is a volunteer organization of approximately 80 members of the community from all walks of life and is an affiliate of the National Ski Patrol. HoliMont Ski Patrol members support and participate in the ski, snowboarding and outdoor recreation community by providing emergency care and rescue services. Its members participate in annual Skills and CPR Refreshers to keep up on their first aid and chairlift evacuation skills.

The Art of Rescue event will take place at 6 p.m. on Aug. 2, 2014, at EBC’s outdoor Beer Garden. A traditional New England-style lobster bake will feature Maine lobster or filet mignon, clam chowder, salt potatoes, corn bread, and steamers, all combined with an EBC craft beer pairing.

Sponsorship opportunities and underwriting opportunities are being sought right now.

Sponsorships include a $10,000 Adventure Rescue Sponsor package, which includes premier seating for up to 14 guests, a VIP cocktail reception with Michael Israel, six hand-signed serigraphs, recognition, and Sky High admission for 14 guests. A $5,000 Gold Sponsor package and a $2,500 Silver Sponsor package are also available.

Other underwriting opportunities include a $10,000 entertainment underwriter, a $2,500 beverage underwriter, a $2,500 food service underwriter, a $1,500 VIP reception underwriter, a $1,500 publicity underwriter, and a $1,000 patron gift underwriter.

Individuals or groups are encouraged to contact Mary Lynn Boberg at (716) 560-5482 or email her at