Collected by Louisa Benatovich, student reporter

The holidays are times of joy, celebration, food and, most importantly, making memories. Read on for the favorite Thanksgiving recollections of students and staff from Ellicottville Central School.

“When my brother Matt leaned over the table to smell the turkey and lit his hair on fire.” – Abby Sonnenberg, senior

“Eating all the stuffing every time. *EDIT* This one time my cousin bounced a Reese’s cup off of an exercise ball and it went in my mouth. That might not have happened on Thanksgiving, but it was rad.” – Jalee Evans, sophomore

“Being born and a turkey birthday cake.” – Bryce Butler, sophomore

“No Thanksgiving in Texas.” – Adam Silvernail, sophomore

“I have no memories,” – Alexander Hunt, sophomore and self-proclaimed amnesiac

“When my birthday was on Thanksgiving.” – Meganne Chapman, senior

“When my birthday was on Thanksgiving.” – Mrs. Ann Chamberlain, high school math teacher

“My aunt cooked the turkey for an hour with the plastic still in it.” – Brennan Finn, senior

“When one of my friends ate some stuffing, laughed, and it flew out of his mouth.” Skye Wood, 5th grade

“When a cat jumped on the table and its paw got in the mashed potatoes.” – Alex Silvernail, 8th grade

“Sitting around the Thanksgiving table and sharing memories with my family.” – Mason Perks, 7th grade

“Peeling carrots with my family.” – William Benatovich, 7th grade

“I got piefaced.” – Christopher Calarco, 7th grade

“Eatin’ food.” – Bryce Wood, 8th grade

“None of them because I always have a dance competition and last year, I broke my hip.” – Abby Donoghue, junior and Irish Dancer

“My family always has really weird conversations.” – Kelsea Tomczak, sophomore

“Eating dinner with my family and we looked out the window. It was snowing.” – Lindsay Swalcy, sophomore

“Every Thanksgiving, my grandma puts out a bowl of nuts and we get to crack them with nutcrackers.” – Sam Edwards, 7th grade

“Coming home from college and finally getting to eat real food again. (College food was different in those days).” – Ms. Mary Neilon, athletic coach and PE teacher

“Spending time with my mother’s family.” – Mr. Chris Edwards, technology teacher

“Making pies with my family. My mom was telling stories about my grandma. Before she passed away, they had always made pies together. Then, the door swung open.” – Christian Swalcy, 8th grade

“Feeding my wife dinner because she was feeding our baby son, Bryce.” – Mr. Blair Wood, middle/high school math and science teacher

“Watching my dad mouth the words for the entire ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ movie.” – Allison Calarco, junior

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving memory?