Thank You to Becky Szpaicher and Park Program Crew

One of the nicest things offered to the children of Ellicottville is the “park program” that takes place for six weeks during the summer. Becky Szpaicher has been running this program for years, along with a group of select older students, and each year they do a sensational job.

Parents sign their children up for the program right after school ends. The children can come to the Ellicottville Park Monday through Friday from 10-4, weather permitting. Children can stay all day or just part of the day, and can bring their lunch.

Among the many things Becky and her crew do is play games, do crafts, go to the Holiday Valley pool, on field trips to the zoo, bowling and pizza at Tim and Bonnie’s pizzeria, Midway Amusement Park, Griffis Sculpture Park, and Katy’s for ice cream. There is a minimal cost for some of the activities.

Plus, the beautiful Ellicottville library, located across from the park, is open all day for the students who want to participate in the summer reading program and the many activities offered there.

The town supplies school buses, at no charge to the students, to take them to and from some of the events. Every year Becky and her crew do a wonderful job. So hats off and kudos to Becky, Alessia, Alex, Alexis, Jessie, Rebecca, Samantha and Shannon. I hope I haven’t left anyone off. If I did, I am sorry because you were all great.

What a terrific program, what a wonderful crew. How fortunate are we, the parents and grandparents of our lucky children, who get to attend and enjoy the Park Program.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” — Cicero

How grateful we are for Becky Szpaicher and her little group of minions.

Thank you guys so much,

Joann Duke